Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Summer Learning Journey - Day 7 Bonus

Summer Activities

Go to the beach
Go swimming
Go park
Go camping
Road trips

Here are five things my friends like to do in summer. I love doing all of these especially with my friends! This is my 7th day doing the Summer learning journey and it has been awesome!

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  1. I am so happy to read that you have been enjoying the Summer Learning Journey, Zeba. I have loved reading all of your posts! It is fun to travel along with you as you learn more about Germany and to learn a bit more about you, personally, through the process. This post is no different. I now feel as though I know a bit more about what you like to do over the summer months.

    Guess what? You and I like to do many of the same things. In fact, going to the beach, going swimming and going on road trips are three of my all-time favourite summer things to do!

    I used to work as lifeguard in the summer time so I spent every day in the water, swimming and teaching children how to stay safe. It was a lot of fun! I miss that job sometimes!

    When you go swimming, do you have a favourite beach or area to go? I live in the western part of Auckland so I usually go to Karekare or Piha but the swimming isn't great there so I sometimes venture north to Tawharanui or Leigh. We really are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to swim, aren't we?

    Speaking of swimming, the week-end is supposed to be beautiful. I hope that you're able to get out and enjoy it!