Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 3 - Winter Learning Journey

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Each point, each game, each set. Both players play fiercely and delightfully to win the match. There are both mens and womens singles they also play mixed doubles. Rule 1 players rotate court position after each game. rule 2 letting the ball pass you means a point to them.


  1. Hi Zeba
    I'm really glad that your doing the holiday reading challenge for these school holidays. You have picked a really great sport to explain. I did not know that tennis was a sport that competed in the Olympics.

    Great Job

  2. Hello Zeba, I never knew that players rotate court position after each game. I thought they would stay in the same spot.

  3. Hi Zeba!

    I am so glad that you have chosen tennis as your sport. You are the first person to select it for the Winter Learning Journey programme. Thanks for being so original!

    In my opinoion, tennis is quite an entertaining game. You can have singles tennis, doubles tennis or mixed doubles tennis. In mixed doubles, the team is made up of one man and one woman. I actually used to play mixed doubles tennis when I was in high school. My partner, Jamie, and I played together for four years. We had a blast!

    Have you ever played tennis, either singles or doubles? After reading your post I am feeling inspired to dust off my old racket and hit the courts!

    Keep up the great work, Zeba. You've still got four more days for the programme and there are lots of fun activities left to explore!

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  4. Hi Zeba,
    I really like the sport you have chosen. I have always watched this sport on T.V but I never actually played the sport. After reading this I think I want to play it now.