Monday, 31 October 2016

Loud Word Climb

This is a word climb on the word loud. I created the google drawing so that it looked interesting. Next time in my writing I will definitely use these words instead of loud.


Today we took our star test. The star test is about your reading comprehension. I think that I have improved in my star test because this time I didn't have to hurry because I was running out of time but I had enough time to go through and check my answers. When I went through my answers I realised an obvious mistake wich I was able to correct. Read theory has helped me alot with my comprehension as you read the text then answer questions. I started at grade five then went up to grade seven!

Wright Brothers - Fact Sheet

This is a fact sheet about the Wright brothers. The Wright brother is known by some to be the first to fly. I collaborated with Nazella to create this facts sheet. I know now many things about the wright brothers and about how they came to think about flight

Main Idea - Wright Brothers

Today we were learnt four structures that are in a text. These are scaffold text, complimentary text, challenge text and self selected text. We read about the wright brothers using the scaffold of the four structures. The scaffold is the structure which you build up your knowledge with facts etc. We then made a DLO about the main idea about the text using the facts.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


This Prezi is all about the flu. As this is the most common type of sickness I thought it would be important as to why we have the flu and how to prevent it. There are many interesting and crazy facts bout how the Saxons cured their symptoms. Our class used the word generator and instead of word we put in letters. From there the generator would generate a letter and we would learn about something starting with that letter. I got the letter S so I chose sickness. As I was searching up about sickness I ended up going deeper and deeper into learning about influenza.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Jean Batten - Topic

This term for Inquiry the year eight's and sevens split up to work on different things. Our topic is flight and the year eight's have been learning about Jean Batten.Harry and I have collaborated to create this presentation. This presentation includes facts a timeline all about her success.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Smart searching with Miss.Oglvie

On Wednesday the year eight and six's learned how to search the right information needed when researching. I have created a DLO about to narrow a search this is one of the most important things to do when researching to find the information that you want. She led us to some websites that will help us majorly with our learning. All of the year eight's are teaching the year sevens all about what we learned with Miss.Ogilvie.We now have much less of a problem when smart searching.

Maths - Zeba

Since our tests were coming up our maths group has been working hard to learn as many things as possible within the time that we have. This week our group was given a problem worksheet, our Learning intention was to solve everyday multiplication problems in context. We were practising working taking out equations from word problems and solving them.

How to Narrow a Search

One Wednesday the year 8's and some of the year 7's got a chance to learn how to research. Mrs. Oglvie came to our school and we learnt how to search for the correct needed information and led us to great sites wich will help with our learning.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Touch Rugby with Trevor

Today we had our first session of touch rugby. We played many games wich involved skills we would need to use if we ever play a game of touch rugby. Our touch rugby coach was Trevor. This isn't our first time with Trevor but our third. other years before Trevor has come and we have had a great time with him. Firstly we recapped what we learned in our other sessions, such as, planting the ball, scooping the ball, passing and touching the other player when we drop down the ball. I enjoyed our first session and remembered many skills from previous sessions. We played a game where there were rugby balls spread out to different people and pass fast enough so that we are in time and prepared to catch the next one.

Why It is Important To Drink Water

This is a Google Drawing created by Zeba and I based on Hydration. We have written down why it is important for Panmure Bridge School students to drink water, what hydration is, what dehydration is and a 25 word challenge about why water is important for you.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Forces of Flight

Today we had our first unquiry rotation. This term our topic is flight. We discussed the forces of flight wich are Lift, Thrust, weight and drag. This google drawing that I have created collaboratively clearly explain the forces of flight and Isaac Newtons first rule.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Year 8 dance

Today is the first day of term 4 and we also had our first dance session. Today our dance teacher was Sonya. We first learnt the basic dance moves for rock'n roll and then cha cha. We learnt the back step sid and side, and then the girls did a turn, this was my favourite part. WHen we learnt the basics for each of them we moved onto practising with the boys, after pactising with a boy we moved onto the next one very fast. We will be performing these dances at the end of year year 8 graduation.