Saturday, 9 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1

This is my first blog post for the winter learning journey. Since the theme is Olympics here are three interesting facts about Milo of Kroton.

1. One story tells of the wrestler saving the philosopher's life when a roof was about to collapse upon him and another that Milo may have married the philosopher's daughter Myia.
2. The date of Milo's death is unknown, but he reportedly was attempting to tear a tree apart when his hands became trapped in a crevice in its trunk, and a pack of wolves surprised and devoured him.
3. Milo was the subject of fantastic tales of strength and power, some, perhaps, based upon misinterpretations of his statues. 


  1. Hi Zeba!

    I am so happy to see that you're participating it the holiday blogging programme again. That's fantastic! I am really looking forward to reading your blogs.

    I have already learned a great deal about Milo of Croton from your post above. It certainly sounds as though Milo was a very strong and capable wrestler. It is terrible to read that he reportedly died when attempting to tear a tree apart with his own hands. How tragic!

    I hope that you continue to learn interesting things by participating in this Winter Learning Journey programme. I'll see you online this holiday :)

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Hi Zeba
    You have written great facts about Milo of Croton. I have also learnt new information about this man. You have used a lot of detail in your sentences which is amazing.

    Keep up the great work

  3. Hello Zeba, the first fact is interesting and sort of tells me what sort of man he was. You are having a good start to the Winter Learning Journey so keep up the great work.

  4. Great work Zeba keep it up hope to see more

  5. Great work Zeba keep it up hope to see more

  6. Hi Zeba
    I like how interesting your facts are. They all have good information about Milo. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Hi Zeba,

    Those are some really interesting facts. I really learnt something new. Keep up the great blogging.