Friday, 28 February 2014

My comment to Jessie

This is my comment to Jessie I commented to Jessie because I think if she really pushes herself she can get heaps more smiley faces.

My comment to Sajiha

I chose Sajiha's story because she is a great writer and she really used her imagination on this story.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Part of a friend

this is my part of a friend hope you enjoy ;p


Today we read a book called Previously, written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingham.  It was about fairy tale characters and what they had previously been doing (previously means before).  Then we used our imagination to write about what we had previously been doing….

Previously by zeba

Previously I was in my limo going to school.

Previously I was reading a book that took me to a land of fairies.

Previously I  woke up in a magical castle and saw I had burnt toast by my bed and I had pet dragon by my bed thats why I had burnt toast and i had another creature walking towards me it was a snaggle rollop

Previously I was in a jungle class and the teacher was a monkey.

Previously I was on  BFG’s hand walking me to school and kept crushing cars and mailboxes.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Our Time at Eastern Beach

Our time at Eastern beach

Yesterday we went to Eastern Beach we had to come really early so we could get on the bus I brought my soccer ball so we could play with it , soon the bus came we lined up and went to Eastern Beach it was really noisy in the bus I just couldn't wait until we got outside when I got outside I took a deep breath in…….OH STINK!! it smelled so bad and then we went to a nice clean area Mr.Johnston was speaking about the safety rules for swimming and keeping the place clean. Room 5 and 7 kids were collecting sicater shells  zahra one of my bff’s was chasing me with one of them. First thing we did was go on the sand for a scavenger hunt the things were a leaf,feather , rock , tiny shell and a purple shell I found a tiny shell when we got everything Inotia , Nazella , Zahra , Sajiha and I made a heart at the end it looked really pretty we were waiting and waiting until it was our turn till then we ate our morning tea and climbed trees when it our turn to swim it was so fun but it was so crowded and then it was lunch we ate and after some people went swimming again and soon we went back to school and had free time until the bell rang.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My results for xtramaths

This is my xtra maths results I am pretty proud of it because sometimes I accentually pressed the wrong

penguin party addition score

this is my score on penguin party addition  am happy with it because i got nothing wrong

Monday, 17 February 2014

what fiction character I would be


Our class got to choose a fictional character of who we would like to be , like I love minions but I also like Selena Gomez but I knew Selena Gomez couldn't be fictional character so I chose Selena Gomez as a minion! minions are so cute and I loveable and I thought the idea of Selena being a minion was awesome.

what character would you like to be ? post  a comment on my blog.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My statistical investigation on planets.

this is my statistical investigation work and earth had the most I thought it was funny. The least were Jupiter and Saturn.

Monday, 10 February 2014

A great classmate

read my great classmate presentation find out and see what a great classmate is. enjoy and leave a comment.

Which would be the cooler place to live in?

I think it would be cool to live in a tree house because we could climb up the house and swing on branches. We would have swings hanging from the branches and could have a flying fox to get down we could have a camp with our friends next to the tree house and hang lanterns from the tree.

Friday, 7 February 2014

My namebow.

At our class this week we were working on namebows you make namebows by getting a A4 paper and cutting out a cloud and write the letters of your name in the order of a rainbow and get the same colour stripes of paper you have on your name an put in word that would describe what your like than glue it on to your cloud and the final step is get a blue paper and stick your cloud on the blue paper. on my namebow I described myself as zany that means crazy in a funny way on the orange stripe I wrote efficient efficient means performing or doing in the best possible manner with the in the least waste of time.On the yellow I wrote brilliant it means being a being smart at something.  

Welcome back!!

Welcome back to 2014 hope you had a great holiday this year we have 2 knew teachers this year we have Miss Nichol and Miss Thomas we al knew last year miss Nichol was a student teacher know this year Miss Nichol is working with miss anderson in one class room Miss Thomas is a new teacher and I am one of her students.