Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book School Parade

Today was our school's book parade, many students dressed up as a character in a book. This was really fun because it was new and something different. Lots of visitors came at our book parade and one of the visitors dressed up as gangster granny she looked just like the character in the book. Teachers also dressed up. They put so much effort into their costumes, and they were awesome! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

25 Word Paragraph About Advertising


 As part of our writing, our topic this term is Advertisement. We were put into groups. In my group, there was Nazella,AJ, Latham, and were asked to choose one person to sit and listen to what your teammates tell you to write down after, we created a 25-word paragraph to what is Advertising.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributing Images

Today, LS2 Learnt why it is important to attribute our pictures. Attributing images are important, an image that is not attributed is disrespectful to the artist.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Day 7 - Winter Learning journey

For the day 7 bonus I have been asked to do: Imagine that you are on the Paralympic Committee and you have been asked to create one new sport to add to the competition for this year. Use your awesome imagination to design a brand new Paralympic sport. Please remember that some of the athletes will not be able to walk or run and others may be blind or deaf.

The name of my sport is called B.C.S witch stands for boot camp sport

This sport has many obstacles mainly things being like, tires side to side jumping in and out of them, rope climbing obstacles, climbing wall etc. By the end you would be out of breath! This is for two people one disabled and one normal they would show them in front of the obstacle and call out the name and they would have to know the names of every obstacle, like if you were on the rope ladder your partner ( non disabled) would have to say go straight up left and more.

Day 7 - Winter Learning Journey

Today I have been asked to: It is very expensive for each of the Paralympic athletes to fly from New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro to compete.  Most athletes have to fundraise in order to make the money that they need to go on the big trip. Recently, Harvey Norman announced that they will be helping to raise funds for the New Zealand Paralympic team. What could you do to help raise funds to support our amazing Paralympic athletes? On your blog, list 2 different ways in which you, your family or friends could raise money to support the athletes. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Paralympic logo Nz.jpg
I think a good idea would be to open up a website which people could fund to. Another good idea would be getting a popular community store eg. Pakinsave,Countdown etc to sponsor you.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Day 7 - Winter Learning Journey

For day 7 I have been asked to: Imagine that you were asked to compete in a tandem cycling event and you had to choose one person to compete with. Who would it be? On your blog, tell us who you would compete with and why.

I would compete with my brother he is 19 years old. I would choose him because we are close and at other times when I am nervous like join a club for the first time he helped me and encouraged me, and there have been many more times.

Day 6 - Winter learning journey

For day 6 activity 2 I was asked to: In the opening ceremony for the London Olympics there were a number of famous English people including the Queen, the Spice Girls, David Bowie, U2, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. Imagine that we were going to host the Olympics here in New Zealand in 2024 and you were invited to be on the committee that decides who is invited to participate in the opening ceremonies. As a member of the group you must choose one of the following people to be in the opening ceremony: Richie McCaw (rugby player), Lorde (singer), Kane Williamson (cricket player), Maria Tutaia (netball player), John Key (prime minister of New Zealand) or Shaun Johnson (league player). On your blog, tell us who you think is the best person to choose and explain why you think that they are the best choice!

I chose Lorde because she is really famous and lots of people would be happy to see her as she is known worldwide. Lots of people know her because she is a singer and a majority of people listen to music but people others like famous new Zealand sports players may not be known out of new Zealand.

Day 6 - Winter Learning Journey

For day the day 6 activity I am asked to: For all Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, the athletes from each country must wear a special uniform. The uniforms change each year. Look at the 3 pictures posted below. They are pictures of the uniforms that our New Zealand Olympic teams wore in 2012, 2008 and 2004. For this activity, you are asked to rank the uniforms from best (#1) to worst (#3). On your blog post your rankings and provide a brief explanation of why you ranked the uniforms in that order.

#1 2012 - I dont really love it but out of these three this one was nice and had nice designs.
#2 2004 - This uniform I didn't like how it was so plane I think they could've been a bit more creative
#3 2008 - I really didn't like this one because it looks like they used the colour dark dark green witch I was not a fan of.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 6 - Winter Learning Journey

For day 6 I have been asked to: Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden…
In your blog, write an ending to this short story. It should be approximately 10-20 sentences long.

The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden… the ground shakes simultaneously you hear a thunderous, clamorous and deafening booms but not just one, 3 bombs had exploded. Along with it are wails and petrifying screams of people.

Day 5 Bonus - Winter learning journey

For the Day 5 bonus I was asked: Jesse Owens was a black American athlete who participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. He is considered to be one of the bravest and most inspirational Olympic athletes because he competed at a time when the leader of Germany (Adolf Hitler) did not want black men competing at the Olympic Games. Here is a picture of Jesse from the 1930s.

To me Roald Dahl inspires me because he is an amazing author that teaches kid to be confident, innovative and creative. He has taught kids to think out of the box .

Day 5 - Winter Learning Journey

For day 5 second activity I was asked: In 1936, a 13 year old girl named Marjorie Gestring became the youngest person to ever win an Olympic gold medal. She won the gold medal in the springboard diving competition. Imagine that you were alive in 1936 and you had the chance to interview her. On your blog, post five questions that you would like to ask the Olympic champion (if you had the chance to meet her!).

1. How does it feel to be a Olympic champion
2. What age did you start realizing you were got at Spring board diving>
3. What got you interested in springboard diving?
4. How did other people realize you where good enough to be in the olympics?
5. Did your parents support you?

Day 5 - Winter learning Journey

For Day 5 activity 1 I have been asked to watch a trailer about and Olympic underdog. It is called Eddie the eagle and write a summary about the trailer

What - As a kid Eddie was probably known to be the last one to compete in the Olympics but never gave up and as he got older he went to the winter Olympics! But got last place
Where - The movie was filmed in
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
How - First he was declined to go to the Olypmics but he kept working hard to get to the winter Olympics
Why - It was always a childhood dream of his
When - the film was released on 26 January 2016

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 4 bonus - Winter Learning Journey

For the day 4 bonus I was asked to  Watch the Be the Inspiration video and then post a critique of the video on your blog. In your critique tell us what you liked about the video and what you didn’t like. It is very common for movie reviewers to use stars to indicate how much they liked a movie. A rating of * = very bad movie, ** = bad movie, *** = okay movie, **** = good movie, and ***** = very good movie.

 I really liked how the video was so calm and keeps you captivated.I have decided to give this a ***** a five because it had beautiful scenic views and it had a voice over I wonder who's voice it was?

Day 4 Activity 2 - Winter learning journey

Activity 2 for day 4 I have been asked to select 1 of three athletes and explain why I chose them and why I would like to meet them. I chose Andrea Kilday Because I really like Taekwondo and would be interested in meeting her . I would ask her these three questions.

1. At what age did you start Taekwondo
2. When did you realize you were really good at it
3. Are you ever nervous before a game begins.

Day 4 - Winter Learning Journey

For my day 4 activity I have been asked to choose one of the athletes from New Zealand that will be competing the the 2016 Olympics, From the one I have chosen I will be writing a short description and three facts about them.

I have chosen Lisa Carrington. Lisa Carrington will be competing in the kayak/canoe competition. She has got the high score of 200m. 3 fast facts about her are she was born in 1989, her birth place is Tauranga and she is 168 centimeters tall.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 3 bonus - Winter learning journey

Racing heart
Vital to win
Olympian finally

This is a poem I have written I was asked that On my blog, to write a poem that describes how I would feel about travelling to Rio. Would you be excited? Would I be scared? How would you feel?

Winter learning journey - Day 3

The picture above shows and image of me playing tennis! I am at my tennis club playing with my friend Louise. We both tried some tennis poses so we looked professional! 

Day 2 - Winter Learning Journey

1. Giant Kiwi Fruit (Kiwi360) (Te Puke) - 
The Kiwi360 was originally created in 1987 to give visitors to New Zealand information about the Kiwi Fruit.
2.  Cromwell (Crom-well) Fruit
Cromwell sits in Otago wine making country, all around there are amazing wineries making some of the best Pinot Noir in the World. 

3.Lemon and Paeroa
  this is in Paroea where the famous new zealand drink was made l&p.  

Day 3 - Winter Learning Journey

Image result for tennis rules
Each point, each game, each set. Both players play fiercely and delightfully to win the match. There are both mens and womens singles they also play mixed doubles. Rule 1 players rotate court position after each game. rule 2 letting the ball pass you means a point to them.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Day 2 - Winter learning Joruney

This would be my logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics I chose to keep the circle shape but changed the design completely.

Day 2: Winter Learning Journey

What: In the begging, they are shown doing multiple activities wich will be held in the 2016 Olympics. Both Tom and Vinicius from separate places end up chasing  a ball like object wich leads to the same place.

Why: I think this is the story of how they became friends.

Who : Vinicius and Tom

Where: In Rio de Janeiro there was being held some sort of parade
How: They met each other while chasing two different balls but it is not shown how the ball got there.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bonus Activity

For todays bonus activity I have written about my opinion to wether I think about the rule of no girls allowed in the olympics. I think girls should have been allowed because it wasn't really fair. But if the girls didnt want to do it than that would've been okay. Maybe the're could have been a seprate competion for the girls.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1

This is my first blog post for the winter learning journey. Since the theme is Olympics here are three interesting facts about Milo of Kroton.

1. One story tells of the wrestler saving the philosopher's life when a roof was about to collapse upon him and another that Milo may have married the philosopher's daughter Myia.
2. The date of Milo's death is unknown, but he reportedly was attempting to tear a tree apart when his hands became trapped in a crevice in its trunk, and a pack of wolves surprised and devoured him.
3. Milo was the subject of fantastic tales of strength and power, some, perhaps, based upon misinterpretations of his statues. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

CUrrent events - student loans

This is my current events DLO I have created about student loans. I chose this current events topic because it was  interesting and informative.

Digitech - Using photoshop with Mahdia

Today at Tamaki college Digi-tech Mahdia and I were working on photo shop to create a cartoon version of ourselves.We both had a lot of fun creating these. We were proud of how it turned out in the end because it looked like us!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Scholastic Story Scrambler

Today I wrote a letter to an arctic game show host who tries to get on the book of Guinness world records. This was chosen the scholastic story starter scambler.  I had a lot of fun writing this as I got to use my imagination to create a fun story. I also liked it because it was out of the box something I would have never thought of! 

First Life Education Session

Displaying IMG_1465.JPG
Displaying IMG_1465.JPG

As part of our first year 8 Life Education Session, we learnt about the body system and how it is important to know how our body works. First talked about how the heart really isn't the shape of the heart inside of you. Nicole ( the teacher) told us that if you put two hearts together it make the heart symbol. We also learnt how our nerves send the messages to our brain wich creates our reaction, it is like a motorway. It was clearly explained because she had a projector where we could see what it actually looked like and what she was talking about. We also played two games, one was where she would call out a number we had to clap that same amount if we did too many, we were out. The next game out of the 5 senses we were using touch so both teams had a race to who could reach the person at the end first both. These games were a lot of fun. I found it useful how the kidneys take water from your brain if you don't drink enough water this creates a headache but is also due to stress.