Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dear Term 1 Me

LI: To reflect on personal goals set in term 1

Dear Term 1 me , I think we did pretty well! This year has been a blast. It’s also been like a bumpy roller coaster but that didn't stop me achieving my goals. I was able to achieve the national standards in all subjects. The head students have not been chosen yet but i’m still hoping for a chance to be manaiakalani head girl but if it doesn't go well it doesn't mean it’s the end of the world. This year I don't think I’ve come to school with a frown on my face I had all my great friends there to support me. School this year has been a lot more dramatic than I expected it to be. Mrs . Anderson and Miss. Donaldson have put in a lot of effort to teach all students everything they would need to know by the end of the year, she has been my favourite teacher of all. I have learnt so much the most I have learnt in a year before!

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