Sunday, 20 December 2015

Summer Learning Journey - Day 1 bonus

1. Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.
2.With 81 million people Germany has the largest population in the European union.
3.In Germany, there is no punishment for trying to escape prison because it is a basic human extinct  to be free.

Here are three facts about Germany that you may not have known before!

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  1. Hi Zeba,

    WOW! You have done an incredible job of completing 8 activities in the past two days. That is amazing!!!

    I am so impressed by you and by the three facts that you posted about Germany. I can honestly say that I wasn't aware of any of them before you did your research. I am particularly fascinated by the third fact that you posted. I had no idea that individuals do not face punishment for trying to escape from prison.

    I was so amazed by this fact that I actually looked it up and read that the law was introduced in 1880 and applies in both Germany and Austria. Who would have known that lawmakers in both countries believe that it is a basic human instinct (rather than extinct :)) to be free!

    Awesome facts.

    Well done, Zeba. Keep up the great work!