Saturday, 16 April 2016

Meat And Vegetable Soup

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Ingredients :
Lamb meat
Cooking oil
Onions finely chopped
Tomatoes finely chopped
Garlic minced
Red chili powder ( If wanted)
Black pepper
Carrot chopped

1.Wash and chop meat( as many peices as you like)
2.In pressure cooker ad onion, tomatoes, garlic, salt, black pepper, chili powder and 1 cup of water. Cover and cook for twenty minutes or until the meat is tender
3.Now add three to two cups of water for it to boil for some time.
4.Just before serving add some chopped coriander

This is a recipe for making soup. This is part of my Holiday reading challenge and this recipe is inspired by the book Making Bombs For Hitler . written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. It is about a girl called Lida who gets captured by the Nazi's and she is Ukrainian so she only gets served disgusting turnip soup were the rest for example the polish get served delicious meat and vegetable soup.


  1. Hi Zeba, that picture of meat and vegetable soups looks tasty and healthy. I wonder if the book you read is based on a true story?

  2. Dear Zeba, delighted that my novel inspired your recipe. And Aminiasi, the book is indeed based on true events.

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  4. Hi Zeba, The picture of the soup looks very scrumptious, I will be sure to make that one day. The book Making Bombs For Hitler sound very interesting and I will be sure to read that in the holidays.

  5. Hi Zeba,
    That soup sure does look delicious. I like how you added the exact measurement of the ingredients so people will know how much of everything you need to add in order to make the soup.

  6. Hi Zeba,

    That soup really does look delicious. It is making me hungry just looking at it! I hope that you are able to make yourself some of this soup over the holiday period. I always enjoyed it when we had a little break from school and my sister and I could spend time learning new things (like how to make soup!)

    Hope that you're having a great break!

    Cheers, Rachel

  7. hi zeba this look delicious it makes me hungry. well done

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  9. Hi Zeba I really enjoy reading your story about what you made. That is very delicious. I hope you make other delicious food next time.