Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The NZ flag

Image result for old flag and new flag nz
Today in class we all individually voted for the flag of our choice. We all made sure that we made an informed choice. To make an informed choice we created a T - chart with the sides yes I want to change the flag and no I like the flag we have. We worked in our thinking groups and used our devices to help us make an informed choice. At the end we all joined our ideas and made a class T- chart, our teacher then gave a a voting paper to make our final choice. One of the main reasons I chose the original flag is because the original NZ flag is an important piece of history, soldier fought with that flag and is know world wide and once we change that not many people around the world will know our NZ flag that represents us.Overall LS2 respected each others opinions. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Space poster

This week our group created a motivating poster. We learnt about what makes an eye catching poster. I learnt a lot of things but one of the things I was most intrigued about was how your eye likes it when you use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is when you split it into three.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Making Dinner - Care award

Here is an image the Dinner I made for me and my sister. This is part of my care awards I have chosen to complete, and we cooked chicken and homemade chips. What I had to do was, season the chicken and my sister would put the oven in the right temperature and I would put it in. I also peeled the potato's and cut them. Overall I had a great time making dinner for me and my sister and at the end when we ate the chicken and chips it was delicious!

Narrative Structure

Little red riding hood
Orientation means introduction that includes the 5 W's.
Little red riding hood gets asked from her mother to drop some food off to her grandmas house, she also receives a warning from her mother not to take the shortcut.
An issue cause by something.

Little red riding hood does not listen to her mother and takes the shortcut and comes across the big bad wolf. The wolf sees the basket full of food and asks questions on where she is going.   
Explaining the details.
The wolf then runs to grandmas house and looks granny in the closet. Grandma and dresses up as her so that little red riding hood will be tricked
The issue is being solved.
Little red riding hood screamed and the woodcutter came as fast as he could to take granny out of the closet.
Today for writing we had to understand TOPES. We had to write a story based on Little Red Riding Hood based on TOPES. Charlize, Mia, Nazella, Zahra and I worked together to make the story happen with TOPES. I learnt how to write a quick story using TOPES. We did this activity so that we understand the  structure. The T is for tittle, the O is orientation, the P is for the problem, the E is for explanation and the S is for solution.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Current events

This is a current event I have created about a man who hates flies. He hates them so much he wants to kill all that are in his town. 

Scavenger Hunt

Here is a scavenger hunt based around the story I have read this week. 

Word Cline - Silly

Here is a Word Cline I have created on the word Silly. I love the colours I have chose because they go well together. The new word I learnt was Ludicrous. This is also part of my can do activities.

Problem solving 2

This task is my second problem solving task that I have completed. I used rounding numbers and addition to find my answer.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Ifake text - Dialogue cards ( Continuation )

These are I fake text continuation activities that I have completed. I enjoyed thinking about the next 5 sentences and about all the ideas I could use to make the sentence more exciting!

Rounding decimals

This week our group is focusing on decimals and highest common factors. This game is about rounding decimals. This game was easy to answer the question but hard to get the aim! Me and Sajiha had a competition who can get the most points we were a tie! 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

SWIS - Social workers in school

 This DLO is about SWIS, social workers in school. I didn't know about social workers in school and how much of a difference it can make in students and families lives.It was really interesting to find out and I have know completed one of my Gold attitude awards.

Friday, 11 March 2016

How to be Cybersafe

Here is a Prezi I have created to help you be cyber safe. This activities also completed one of my care awards from my list. To achieve my badge I only need to do 2 more activities!

Oobleck DLO

Recently, my science group made Oobleck with Ms. K. I have worked collaboratively with one of my classmates to create this Google Drawing about the steps we had to follow and the outcome we ended up with. We also added pictures of us whilst the experiment.

Pay it forward - Care Award

Here is evidence on a care award activity called pay it forward that I have completed. I had a great time taking care of my Nephew while my sister could have a cup of tea and watch T.V.
Displaying image.jpg

Differences between Mark and Scott Kelly

Here is a lucid chart about the differences Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly have. I hadn't known about Scott and Mark Kelly before we were given this task and am glad that I have because I had a lot of fun researching these amazing stars that have lived in Space! 

Home learning week 6

Here is my home learning for week 6.Our task was to find out about the leaning tower of Pisa. This week I worked on my own because everyone had been taken. I had a great time learning about why it was built. Did you know that the leaning tower of Pisa is a bella tower that goes with the cathedral church in Pisa.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Counting to ten in arabic

This is the google drawing I used to teach Mrs.Donaldson how to count to ten in Arabic. It was hard teaching her how to pronounce it but we got there in the end! I have now completed my confidence gold care awards and need to take it to Mr.Johnston to sign.

Friday, 4 March 2016


Today we carried out the oobleck expirement. Creating oobleck was more simple and fun then I expected. We also so recorded our information.
Hypothesis: Sustance one + substance 2 = compound ( solid and liquid )
Solid + liquid.
Observation: When touched solid when picked up liquid.

How to be scientist

Here is a presentation about being a scientist. Part of our topic this term kitchen chemistry, we are learning science. We are doing many great experiments but also learning how to write it down. So far we have done the experiments were we make Oobleck and the baking soda and vinegar.

Home learning week 5 - Mona Lisa

Here is my Prezi made for my home learning this week. Our task this week was to research about the Mona Lisa! My home learning this week was so fun to find out about and can't wait for next weeks!

Read theory

 This is a website that me and my reading group love to go on, it is called read theory. I love this website because you read interesting stories and answer questions to improve your reading skills.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

decimal problem solving 1

Here is my problem solving maths. This week we have been learning about decimals and how to order them. I have been working with Ms.Kirkpatrick and have had a great time.

Drafting with Nazella

Here is my stretched sentence. I also created a draft ( Delete, Rearrange, Add, Fix, Talk) version. I worked collaborative with my friend Nazella. We both appreciated sharing our ideas to make a greater difference.

The wolf howled in the deeply dark forest at midnight when the moonlight struck him.

At midnight, the wolf howled in the deeply illuminated forest, when the moonlight struck him.