Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tennis My Personal Passion

To complete my Excellence and Innovation care awards I created a DLO about my personal passion. My Personal passion is tennis, the reasons why have been written.

Story Prompts

This is a story prompt presentation, with three story prompts. Sajiha and I worked collaboratively to complete this. We both decided to choose on of our own and then work on one together but we helped each other complete it so that we were both satisfied with our work. One of my stories ended up being a bit too long but as long as it answered the six questions Ms.Naicker said it would be fine.


This is a screenshot of Quizzez. This is an educational game where anyone can participate. Our whole cass has a couple of games of quizzez as a warm up, this makes everyone exciting and everbody looks foward to maths time. Today when we played, Sajiha and I decided to partner up and we came first place. We plyed four games of quizzez, three games of times tbles and 1 of basic facts.
Here is a link to quizzez if you would like to have a try.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig Wemyess Library Visit

Recently, LS2, LS1 and room 5 went to the Panmure library. We went to the library to meet Stig Wymess. Stig is an audio book narrator. He is the voice artist of the andy Griffiths books. Some of Andys most popular books are the 13 storey treehouse, the cat on the mat is flat and much more. Stig had a humorous characteristic wich entertained all of the students who came. HE talked about the app borrow box where you can download audiobooks for free as long as you have a library card. He read us a book called chubby bubby wich was hilarious and made us want to listen to more of his audio-books.

Friday, 16 September 2016


This week for inquiry, my group rotated to Hauora. Hauora are the four walls that keep your life together. The four walls a Taha Tinana your physical health, Taha Hignenaro your mental health, Taha Wairua spiritual well-being, and Taha Whanau wich is your family. These four walls belong to the Whare Ta Pa Pha. To create this presentation I collaborated with Riley from LS1

How Kailoa Came To Tonga

How Kailoa Came to Tonga
A long long time ago in the land of Tonga there was nothing but war and stress upon the villagers shoulders. A quiet village where everyone had their own thoughts running through their minds. A single laugh was rare, the sound of harmony unheard. All of this was because of the same reason - Chief Afa was enraged at how his warriors lost every single battle “They must show mercy upon us!” says Chief Afa. He was ashamed, He was looked down at, this was something he hated. One day his daughter Afelicia came up to his father, “ Father Father watch me” She performed a dance which would trigger anyones heart to melt, but Chief Afa had no time to waste.

In a few weeks time one of the most powerful tribe there was would be fighting over land. He had to think of way to dominate tribe Malawi. Cheif Afa’s tribe was anticlimactic compared to Tribe Malawi. Villagers were preparing themselves for a treacherous disaster. Everyday Afelecia would come up to his father and dance and then he finally said
“ STOP! Don’t waste my time” says Chief Afa.

That night he couldn’t sleep, there was too much to think about. The unnerving feeling just kept getting worser. One of them was the fact he shouted at his darling daughter in such a furious way. Tears streamed down his rough skin.
Just then, the lightbulb moment struck. ‘ what if we scare them before they have a chance defeat us’ this went through his mind over and over again, but he knew that it would take a while until he knew how they would fear his tribe. This thought let him sleep

The next day he gathered his warriors in a torn tent where they sat worn out benches, Chief Afa looking for answers but everyone wasn’t as hopeful as Chief Afa, they were either slowly sharpening their swords or tearing up in disbelief that they would survive. During Chief Afa’s gathering, Afelecia was listening to every single word that came out of her father’s mouth. Afelecia took a deep breath and then she walked into the room, standing up proud and tall “listen to me, warriors I can save you all”. Ashamed Chief Afa held down his head. “OUT!” say’s Chief Afa. There was a silent pause as if there was a gunshot heard somewhere.
 “ It’s time you listen to me father” Aflecia replies in fury, We shall create a chant and powerful moves to scare off tribe Malawi” When Afelecia said aloud her idea  murmur went around the tent with nods. At this moment from then on Afelecia was leading the choreography, receiving papers from villagers with chants written on them. With Cheif Afa’s idea and Afelecia’s suggestion, Cheif Afa was certain that this was a good idea.

A few days later The performance was ready, the ground was shaking, rumbling noises were getting louder, and then it all came to a halt.  Tribe Malawi was in front of them. The warriors formed into their organised  positions.

Aye, ay! Aye, ay!
Let the whole of Tonga hear me
Let the Animals spread the word that we are out there.
Let the foreigners fear us.
Today, we shall rule Tonga
Aye ay!.
May the strongest show mercy towards us
And crunch any fierce hearts you know
Ocean I drink, fire I dine
To death or victory, my will is fine.
That's how Tonga shall die
We shall give all to the land of Tonga.
Tribe Malawi’s horses backed away as if they understood, this intimidated tribe Malawi. Tribe Malawi’s Chief was holding the flag. They felt so certain God was helping them with those fierce words, that he dropped the flag on the floor.

That night the village was happier than they had ever been before. Cheif Afa had so much power in his hands, this was something he could get used to! He gathered everyone around and announced " I shall call our victory Kailoa!"

From then on people of Tonga knew that it is not just fighting that is the answer to war, but how strong the power of your mind can be.

As this week was Tongan Lauguage week our teacher decided to make our writing based on Tonga. Everyone in our class chose something to write about, from this we had to make a fictional pourquoi story. I decided to create a pourquoi story based around Kailoa and a fictional version of how it came to Tonga. It is a dance performed in ceremonies and special events.

Transum Day 4

I also had to play three games and I chose my favourite. My favourite game was beat the clock. This game is like a worksheet. You have to fill it in as fast as you can! My friend also tried this and we both really tried hard to beat each other and the clock.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Rolemodel

This is a collage I created with Ms. Naicker. Sajiha and I took these photo's at our Duffy assembly in Term 3. Our Duffy role model was Henry Tuipe'a who is on TV 3 on Saturdays. A visitor form  Mainfreight came to help handing out the books to the classes. Thank you to Mainfreight for all the fabulous books that we will treasure like Henry said. Henry talked about how he became so interested into reading, he was very entertaining to the young students and the seniors.

Stan Walkers Song Climb

Here is my research of Stan Walkers song CLIMB. This was created as part of one of my care award Activities. I created this with my classmate Nazella so that we could get it completed before the week and we could get it to Ms.Kirkpatrick and get it signed so we can earn our badges.

Demon Dentist - David Williams

Image result for demon dentist
This is also written by my favourite author David Williams. I love his books because it has humour and is really funny. Demon-dentist is my favourite book and I can't wait to read more of his hilarious books.

The Boy in the Dress - David Williams

Image result for the boy in a dress
This book is also written by one of my favourite authors name David Williams. It is about a boy who finds out that he is comfortable when his crush dresses him up like a girl. He likes to wear dresses and go out in public like a girl.

All The Wrong Questions

Title - "When did you see Her Last?
This is one of the books I have read this term. It is written by one of my favourite author Lemony Snicket. Lemony Snicket has also written the series of Unfortunate Events. This book also part of a series numbers 1 to 3. 

Transum Day 4

Day 4 - Today I played the most popular game on transum wich is Tablemaster. I also think this game was really challenging because you had to go fast. I think that this game was fun but prefer Tabl Grab because I was able to play it with my friend.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Transum Day 3

Day 3 - Today I also played 3 games and table master was by far my most favourite. Sajiha and I played multiply times because it was really fun. I also feel like this helped me get faster at my timetables.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Transum Day 2

Day 2 - Today I played three games as part of Transum. I chose my favourite one to share. In this game, you can play with your friends.   It is a challenge where you have to get the right number. There are red things they are called the Conga disease more develops as this is how the game gets harder.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Transum Day 1

As part of my care awards, If have decided to take the challenge of going through the 5 days of different Transum times tables. The first game is called fast factors. For this game, you are able to choose the time's tables you really need to work on. Today I decided to practice my nine times tables. There is a table with answers and you put the number you timed by to get the answer right.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Today, in class during maths time, Mrs. Naicker's group were working on problem solving. Our Learning intention was to solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of decimals. To warm us up we practised our basic facts with a mix of division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. Many people in our group scored 30/30. Our group also played hit the button, we had a competition about who could get the most division questions right. After that we were sent to complete our problem solving. These are mainly about subtracting and adding decimals. I have become more confident and faster with working with decimals.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

When I Get Older - Main Idea

I created this main idea DLO about the book when I get older. This DLO also show why I think this in three details.

When I Get Older - Main Idea

I created this main idea DLO about the book when I get older. This DLO also show why I think this in three details.

When I Grow Up - Fast Facts

Today at reading we read the book when I grow up. It is about a Boy who talks back to a bully and is now being chased during his journey he find out that he is pretty good at some physical activities. These are all of the fast facts I found in the book.

Read 20

This term we have been doing read 20. Read 20 is 20 minutes of reading silently. What helps us with this activity is read theory. If we just sat down and were reading books with your friend's everybody would be talking and not focused, not even reading their books! Read theory helps with comprehension because we read a passage and then move onto answering the questions. If you end up getting most of the question right you move onto a higher grade - my highest grade is 8. Read 20 has been a part of the day that most of us look forward too.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Digitech - Stakeholder Feedback

In digi-tech we created surveys which we sent out to our group. These surveys had options of which layout design idea they thought was the best. I gave out three and Layout idea 1 seemed to be the best one. The picture at the bottom is Layout idea one. There are three separate levels and the obstacle courses have been planned out in a google drawing. From here we will create our transfer our design idea to scratch witch is a gaming programme where we will create our game.

Tamaki College - Digitech

At Tech in Tamaki College half of the year eights are participating in Digitech. Digitech is where you learn all the the gaming programmes, this is how you create your own game. To create our game uses a very helpful website scratch. Our group is making a plat-former game. A plat-former game is where you go through multiple levels, and go from one end to the other with plenty of obstacles making it a challenge. In our games we have to include sprites these are characters you add in your game. Using Photoshop I created this tennis player which will soon be participating to my game.

My Platformer game

 This is my Plat-former game. I created this at Digital Tech at Tamaki College. For 1 and a half term we have been learning about game making and how what each unique code does. We also had working in photoshop witch I also created a blogpost to. My plat-former game is about a bat who needs to get to home try play this game without dying!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross Country

On Wednesday week 7 we have cross country. These 4 weeks we have been training around the school running laps. Everyday we have been adding laps. I think this has definitly helped me prepare for the actual cross country wich will be an extremely long legnth. The image above as one of me pacing myself with my friend Zahra. Pacing Oursleves is something that will keep our heart rate at the right pace, if we ran fast than we would have to stop and then get a stich. In the beggining I ran but then stopped quater of the way and then walked. As I went long I have realised ways I can keep myself at the right pace. One of them are when I am tired I count 1, 2, 1, 2 with every step I take to keep me going. 

Sketch noting

For the past few days our school has been working on sketchnoting. Sketchnoting is just like writing notes but with pictures wich help you make a better connection and understanding of what you are learning. Sketchnoting makes you want to actually look deeper into something because with page full of bullet points what would be so interestin? With pictures to explain it will make things so much more interesting. Up above is an image of  my sketchnote about the City Rio and the olympics.With Sketchnoting it dosnt have to be perfect it just has to be so that you can understand noone else has to.

Google Roadshow

Today the Maniakalani ambassadors from 9 schools attended the google roadshow at the Auckland Aotea centre. Levir from Glenbrae, Joshua from St X Pius Catholic school, Marcus from Tamaki Primary, Elizabeth from Point England, Shanelle from Glenbrae, Serenity from k, Sebaan from Stonefields , Ingrid from St.Patricks and I presented our presentations and this was very cool because we were able to use the google podium. Thank you to Mr. Burt who drove us to the Aotea centre and supported us. Also, thank you to Miss.Burt who gave us this opportunity. During the event, we were sitting in the front row and had our own seats to go back to and blog after everyone had presented.All the ambassadors have become great friends and we were so glad that we had received this opportunity. 

Correct High Jump Comparison

This google drawing has been made to show the differences between a proper high jump siccor kick. I have made two columns one with the good things I have done and one with the wrong movements I have done.