Friday, 30 October 2015

Rugby world cup timeline

This is a collaborative timeline about the Rugby World Cup created on Popplet that I have worked with Sajiha. It is part of my RWC tasks to complete this. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Valerie Adams

Here is a google drawing I did on valerie adams . While I was creating this I found out a lot about Valerie adams and about her success. This activity was part of my care awards on Excellence and innovation.

Basketball - Kiwisport

For kiwi-sport this term we have basketball.We all really enjoy the activities we do in basketball. Our coaches names we coach mark and coach Milly. one of the things they taught us how to do was pivot. Pivot is when you about to shoot the ball into the hoop or pass, to pivot you can only move one leg to turn but cant move the other unless your not throwing the ball. Another skill we learn was to dribble , when you dribble you need to always be focusing on whats happening infront of you instead of focusing on the ball and to make sure you are dribbling the ball infront of you. To warm up we cupped the ball with our hands so the ball went under and through our legs to the hall and back,this was pretty difficult for me to do. At the end of our game we did relays and we all had a lot of fun at basketball. At the end of our lesson coach mark said if we really were into basketball we would need to practice everyday instead of once a week.

Inspirational People and Quotes

Here are three poster with quotes from three inspirational people . I choose Malala Yousefzai , Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela  because that have tried to make a difference in the world with their bravery . 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My 7 Times Tables Knowledge

This google drawing is about My knowledge of the 7 times tables and different ways I can solve a 7 times table equation. The different ways I can solve my 7 times tables are by skip counting , arrays , repeated addition and in group's. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Careers Popplet - Jobs linked to Doctors

This is a Popplet of jobs that link to the job of being a Doctor. I have worked collaboratively with Sajiha to create this Popplet. We have discussed with each other the knowledge and the types of skills these people might have in common. For example. Biology, Science, Mathematics and English. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Story Swap with Shantay

I stood outside wondering if I should take a step into the house. As I took more steps it felt like the house was pulling me closer. All these thoughts were rushing through my mind whether to go in or not . I decide to enter the house every step I took one of the floorboards would creek.

I hear floorboards creek but not from my footsteps I wonder is someone in here , had I just broke into someone's house. I was petrified of what was going to happen next. I had gone so far that I couldn't run back know I was to far away to backdown know. So I hid inside one of the rooms. 
I was so intrigued about my surroundings and how old the things were, there was a bed with an ancient hand made doll on top holding a box with a lock.

I am suddenly so interested about what is inside. I start venture for the key in the dark with only a glimpse of light from the windows to see.

Here me and Shantay have done a story swap. A story swap is when you and your partner write one sentence each and carry on until it turns into a story. Me and Shantay had a lot of fun doing the story swap . We both found out what we needed to work on when writing a story. I found out what Shantay needed to work and Shantay worked out what I needed to work on next time we write a story.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Grid Challenge

Today in maths we learnt how to play a game called the grid challenge . I played this maths game with Oh'Smar. This game help us practice our times tables and measurements everybody had a lot of fun playing this  . To play this game you need two dices and and a grid . 

When you roll the dice you times the two numbers you get and then you create a shape that should have the amount of squares the total you got from you two dice. You should then have an array once you have filled up as much boxes a you can than count the squares that are left out. The one with the least squares left is the winner.

At the end of the game I won by three points.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Problem Solving Revision - Maths

In maths today I found out that there are many different ways to solve one problem. The first time I worked out my strategy I went to check if my friends got the same answer. Our answers were different so we both looked over and checked our work and I noticed that I had made a mistake and once I fixed it we ended up with the same answer. During this lesson I found out that it is really important to check your maths strategies otherwise i would be giving the wrong information.