Friday, 16 December 2016

Graduation 2016

On Wednesday night the year 8's had their graduation. As we are leaving, the Board of Trustees and Mr. Jhonston put together this event with the help of teachers. This digital book shows the events that took place in order.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2016 LS2 Collage

For this collage, I have collaborated with Zahra and Nazella to create this Reflection.This reflection is based around LS2's 2016 learning journey. This collage lets you see through our eyes what we have been up to this year. There are images of us collaborating working hard and some of our most favorite times at school.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


This week LS2 was working with Ms. Kirkpatrick learning about movies. I thought this was a fun task because of all the things that we learnt. I think all the camera shots and actor parts will become useful in the future. I was really interested as to how much effort was put into the movie labyrinth and how carefully they thought about everything. Ms.Kirkpatrick chose the movie Labyrinth because sadly early this year David Bowie past away.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Rockets at TC - Day 2

Today was our second time at Tamaki college learning and experimenting with rockets. Today we started off by completing our paper rockets from last week. Mr. Dunn taught us how to attach on our string to the rocket. In the middle of the string, there was a paper sellotaped so that this acts like a parachute when the top of the rocket blows off and flies through the air. Once everybody completed their rocket construction, we went out to the field to launch them. Each group had their chance to make their rocket fly. During the rocket experiment, some landed a centimeter away from the launcher, while some went all the way to the carpark of Tamaki College. During all the launchers, we were focusing on the variables and why they some flew the way they did. I think that my group's (Sajiha, Nazella and me) rocket went the furtherest, that we couldn't even see it anymore. I think this is because we followed the instructions really clearly and made sure everything was the way it was meant to be. Overall everyone in LS2 had a great day and a huge thank you to Mr. Dunn, Miss. Ferguson! Because they spent their time with us and without them this wouldn't be possible without them. They put in so much effort to make this happen. And again, thank you so much. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea Reflection

This is a Prezi I collaborated on with Nazella and Zahra. This is only one of the three ways we chose to share our visit. This is a reflection about the things we found out and learnt One is a timeline about the things that we did and one is about our experience and actual images that were taken on the trip.

Storyboard That - Tahuna Torea

This is my Storyboard That, which I have created with Zahra, Nazella. We had to create a step by step Storyboard which explained what happened that day. We had much fun and had a great time. This is one of three ways we chose to present our visit. This one is a timeline of the things we did and we tried our best to make it look like the real thing.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Multi-modal Reading

This week since our class is going to Tohuna Torea our reading focus has been on Godwits and multi-modal . Our Reading group is the R group. In our group, we  have Paige, Jasmine, Manu, Sylis,  Eric. Our first task was to complete our question matrix. We completed this task so that next time when we do our research we know what information we are looking for. This was also interesting to know what other people were finding our and we learnt a lot from each other. After we completed our question matrix we relied on our prior knowledge. We wrote about our prior knowledge about the travel transportations we use now, 30 years ago and 100 years ago. We wrote down on our computers the problems that come with all these types of transportation. Since we completed our prior knowledge we got to reciprocal read with our group. We took turns and read a paragraph each. I enjoyed today's session and I think we collaborated really well.

Monday, 5 December 2016

At Tamaki College With Mr. Dunn

This is my DLO created about our Straw Rocket experiment down at Tamaki college. In this presentation, I have included my time scores and converted them into averages. I reflected on my scores and what could do to change the way it flew. If you want to read more about what we did I have made a blog post about procedural writing about how to make a straw rocket and a few collages that I have made.

Rockets at Tamaki College

This is a procedural writing about how to make straw rocket. On Friday LS2 spent the whole day at Tamaki College with Mr. Dunn. All of us really enjoyed this session and recapped many things we would have forgotten. It was really awesome at how we actually made hard papered rocket and shot them up in the air. Next time at tech our whole class will get the chance to launch their rockets in the air. Miss. Ferguson made a 3D printed rocket wich was really cool! Her rocket even disappeared. In this popplet, I have included three collages wich I put a lot of effort into.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Hundertwasser Artwork

He was born on December 15 1928
Hundertwasser’s dad died when he was 1 in 1929
Hundertwasser was a child while WW2 was happening.
Hundertwasser is from Vienna, Austria
Art (3)
He doesn’t like straight lines
He likes bold colours
He has a creative mind
Hundertwasser made a public toilet in New Zealand near Kawaka.
Hundertwasser made the Koru flag of New Zealand in 1983.
Image result for hundertwasser artImage result for hundertwasser art
He was buried in New Zealand, while at sea.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Hundertwasser died on February 19, 2000 at the Pacific ocean who then was buried in New Zealand under a tulip tree.

This is my Hundertwasser artwork. Above it is a DLO about the artist himself. I really enjoyed this activity as we got to be creative and blend colours in with pastels which made it look really beautiful. Learning about Hundertwassers artwork really captivated me in the way he thought and the things he did.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Dear Term 1 Me

By the end of the year, you should have reached the national standards in all subjects. Did you spend your free time at home doing homework instead of watching T.V? You can work at home and do your quick writes to improve your writing. Did you show leadership and receive an award at prize giving. You can do this by showing respect and staying out of trouble.

I hope you have earned all care award badges so that by the end of the year you will have eight badges altogether.You can earn your badges by using your free time in class to complete tasks on the list. Were you paying attention in class and reading 30 minutes every night?

I hope that by the end of the year you will have achieved this list and I hope that you will be accepted into a great college

Dear Term 1 me,

I have accomplished many tasks but little did we know we accomplished much more than that. This year has been a blast! We went presenting to many places and made many many friends across the cluster. We have come so far and being maniakalani Leader me so many great opportunities wich I never would have thought of when I was nominated. We now have all 8 badges and 500 blog posts! It is still not confirmed whether I reached the national standard but fingers crossed. Reading 30 minutes every night was a tough job but most nights I read as much as I could. Next year I will be in Selwyn and Good luck to 2017 me!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Notes about the Migration of Godwits

This weeks Inquiry topic is Flight. The year 8's switched from learning about planes with Ms. Kirkpatrick to working with Mrs. Anderson about the migration of a Godwit. Here are some notes I made about the Godwit.

Library Visit

Yesterday the librarians of Panmure Bridge school visited the Panmure library. The librarians Zeba, Zahra, June, Jane, Sanujin, Pote and I were hosted  by Pranita and hoko who were showing us around the library. We learnt about the routine the books go through each day. When we went to the library, we became very skillful at the rotation of books.

The librarians then discussed the activities for the Dare to Explore challenge that happens in the summer holidays. The Dare to Explore challenges help entertain students during the holidays and will keep you educated, which means you will have a positive reading results in the tests that happen when you come back to school next year.

A big Thank you to Ms Sloan and Ms Lew who drove us to the library and to the librarians at Panmure library for making us feel so welcome and teaching us more about libraries.

Remember, keep reading and make sure your books aren’t overdue.

PBS Athletics Day

Today was our atheletics day for 2016. By far I think that this years atheletics was my favourite. I think that our team really supported each other and showed our school's CARE values. We cared for one another when someone got hurt. Our attitude was great no one was grumpy and participated in the games joyfully. Everyone showed respect and supported and encouraged instead of laughing at each other when someone failed. Everyone in our group showed excellence and innovation because when they tried they did really well. Thank you to the students from tamaki college who helped teach us all the great atheletics day sports. They made us laugh and encouraged us wich made our expirience even better. I really enjoyed the activities especially our sponge relay were we got to get along and break the ice with all of our team mates!

Hockey - Session 2

Yesterday was our second session of hockey with Carley. For our warm up we played switch. In the game switch, we practiced our magnet dribble and our passing. After our warm up we played shark. In this game, we were working on defending our ball while pushing and hitting other people's ball. This game was difficult because we had to focus on many things at the same time. We all competed against each other in the game of juggling. I found this difficult because the ball was heavy and the sticks width is slim. we were allowed to pick up our ball and keep on counting on from our previous score, this made it easier but it took a lot of energy. The winner of this game was Gozan. We also played another version of the juggling game. In this version, we had to sit down when the ball dropped. Te winner of this game was Sebastian. Overall we had a great time and we are all looking forward to next weeks session.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Maori Connection between the Kuaka/Godwit

Inline image 1

Click on the link above to access a 'Storyboard that' created by Sajiha and I based on the connection between the Godwit/Kuaka Bird and Maori People. We researched many different sites to help us gather information for our main story prompt. We found the story about their connection and retold the story in our own words. It was really fun to recreate their story in our own way. 

Chuck Yeagor Timeline

This Popplet is a timeline mad about chuck Yeagor. Chuck Yeagor had many accomplishments in life and one of his biggest accomplishments was breaking the so and barrier. I found finding out about him interesting

Monday, 21 November 2016

Godwit Migration Route

This is a collaborative task that I have created with Sajiha. We worked hard to create this with plenty of information. This google drawing includes a comparison chart, Destination facts, and were they travel too.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

500 Blogposts

This is my last year with my device and I have reached 500 blogposts! To celebrate this Mrs. Anderson has come up with this amazing idea to celebrate this. She has created this beautiful animated image to show our 500 blogposts. I feel really proud to acheive this reward as this is my last year. This will be a major goal for the year sevens next year,

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to use Speech Marks

This Prezi is one that I have made about speech marks. This DLO explains in a clear way how to use speech marks. There are many examples and said synonyms. I think that this is one of the most useful DLO's I have made this year. We were given a short amount of time and this motivated me to finsih it quickley.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Godwit/Kuaka - Inquiry

For Inquiry this week our topic was with the Bar Tailed Godwit/Kuaka. We explored the Godwit's appearance, diet, habitat and appearance. I then worked collaboratively with Zeba to create this Popplet. We also added images of the Godwit, it's predators and their natural habitat. 

Hockey - Week 1

Today was our first session of hockey this year. To warm up we played bullrush ( octopus). Many of us enjoyed carrying out the activities that were set for us. We learnt to do the magnet dribble. This dribble is called magnet because the hockey stick is always following the stick. To achieve this dribble you need to rotate your stick to stop the ball going side to side. We then played traffic light. When they shout red you stop, green means go walking dribbling, Orange is to stop walking and dribble on the spot, purple is to dribble backwards, silver is to go really fast dribbling and blue is to do a roundabout so you are lead the ball with your stick. We had  a competition about who could dribble the ball the most. If you drop you can start again and keep on counting with your previous score. Congratulations to Zahn who won. The year 8's got into two teams and the coach would shout a number and the same amount of people would compete from two teams. Everybody really enjoyed this game.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


This is a DLO that I have collaborated with Zahra, Sajiha, Nazella. This is about the word Hyperbole. In this DLO you can find the definition of hyperbole and some examples.This is something that I can use in my writing next time.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Paper Planes

Today we had to analyze our measurements for our paper planes. Since we were put into groups of 6 or 7 we had to come up with one design using our plane creations. We then tested our planes and Evelyn's one was the fastest. After we had the competition. Zahn was the fastest thrower. Thomas was the winner since his plane went to furthest to 14.1. Our learning intention was to design and make a paper plane that will fly the furthest.  

A Quality Blog Comment

Today we were trialing a website created for the students in the Maniakalani cluster. It generates a number and the number you land on you click and there is an activity. In this case, I got the number 4 and this was the activity I received. I think that in every great comment there should be these three included.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Recount Quiz

Today in writing we recapped our learning about recounts from last year. We took a look at some of the amazing recounts written by the students of the Maniakalani Cluster. We then joined our reasons why as to that was our favorite recount. My favorite recount that I read was Ingrid's from St. Patricks school. The screenshot above is my score on the Bitesize recount test. I achieved a 10/10 score. I am very happy with this as I have not forgotten how to write a recount.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Paper Plane - Inquiry

On Thursday we were making prototypes of streamline paper planes. We were given instruction by our teacher, Mrs. Anderson but she wasn't allowed to talk. On the image above Zahra and I were following a video carefully to create the perfect paper plane. We found out that if we had one mistake this would effect the paper plane. Our group collaborated to find our sources of information. We found that the best one was to watch videos. Once we had created our paper plane we went outside to test them out. This was really fun as we got to explore and think about the way the wind was going and how to throw it properly. When we had our first attempt the plane kept turning we found out what June had done to her plane to make it go straight. June had added weight and this helped our plane go further.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Outlook for Someday

The Shake Out from The Outlook for Someday on Vimeo.

Well done to Latham for creating this amazing movie. LS2 is so proud of you and how far you have come. With all your hard work filming you have finally entered the movie and have become short listed. Congratulations to Latham, Reon, Jasmine and Daniel I can't wait to see the results.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Jean Batten

AS our topic this term is flight we have done a lot of work about Jean Batten. Jean accomplished many things in her life. 

Jean Batten

As our topic this term is flight we have done a lot of work about Jean Batten. Jean accomplished many things in her life. 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Loud Word Climb

This is a word climb on the word loud. I created the google drawing so that it looked interesting. Next time in my writing I will definitely use these words instead of loud.


Today we took our star test. The star test is about your reading comprehension. I think that I have improved in my star test because this time I didn't have to hurry because I was running out of time but I had enough time to go through and check my answers. When I went through my answers I realised an obvious mistake wich I was able to correct. Read theory has helped me alot with my comprehension as you read the text then answer questions. I started at grade five then went up to grade seven!

Wright Brothers - Fact Sheet

This is a fact sheet about the Wright brothers. The Wright brother is known by some to be the first to fly. I collaborated with Nazella to create this facts sheet. I know now many things about the wright brothers and about how they came to think about flight

Main Idea - Wright Brothers

Today we were learnt four structures that are in a text. These are scaffold text, complimentary text, challenge text and self selected text. We read about the wright brothers using the scaffold of the four structures. The scaffold is the structure which you build up your knowledge with facts etc. We then made a DLO about the main idea about the text using the facts.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


This Prezi is all about the flu. As this is the most common type of sickness I thought it would be important as to why we have the flu and how to prevent it. There are many interesting and crazy facts bout how the Saxons cured their symptoms. Our class used the word generator and instead of word we put in letters. From there the generator would generate a letter and we would learn about something starting with that letter. I got the letter S so I chose sickness. As I was searching up about sickness I ended up going deeper and deeper into learning about influenza.

Referenced websites
"Influenza." Britannica School, Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, 19 Sep. 2016. 
"Influenza." Britannica School, Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, 19 Sep. 2016.
"Influenza." Diseases and Disorders, Gale, 2016. Kids InfoBits Presents. 
Another place I got my information are books.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Jean Batten - Topic

This term for Inquiry the year eight's and sevens split up to work on different things. Our topic is flight and the year eight's have been learning about Jean Batten.Harry and I have collaborated to create this presentation. This presentation includes facts a timeline all about her success.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Smart searching with Miss.Oglvie

On Wednesday the year eight and six's learned how to search the right information needed when researching. I have created a DLO about to narrow a search this is one of the most important things to do when researching to find the information that you want. She led us to some websites that will help us majorly with our learning. All of the year eight's are teaching the year sevens all about what we learned with Miss.Ogilvie.We now have much less of a problem when smart searching.

Maths - Zeba

Since our tests were coming up our maths group has been working hard to learn as many things as possible within the time that we have. This week our group was given a problem worksheet, our Learning intention was to solve everyday multiplication problems in context. We were practising working taking out equations from word problems and solving them.

How to Narrow a Search

One Wednesday the year 8's and some of the year 7's got a chance to learn how to research. Mrs. Oglvie came to our school and we learnt how to search for the correct needed information and led us to great sites wich will help with our learning.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Touch Rugby with Trevor

Today we had our first session of touch rugby. We played many games wich involved skills we would need to use if we ever play a game of touch rugby. Our touch rugby coach was Trevor. This isn't our first time with Trevor but our third. other years before Trevor has come and we have had a great time with him. Firstly we recapped what we learned in our other sessions, such as, planting the ball, scooping the ball, passing and touching the other player when we drop down the ball. I enjoyed our first session and remembered many skills from previous sessions. We played a game where there were rugby balls spread out to different people and pass fast enough so that we are in time and prepared to catch the next one.

Why It is Important To Drink Water

This is a Google Drawing created by Zeba and I based on Hydration. We have written down why it is important for Panmure Bridge School students to drink water, what hydration is, what dehydration is and a 25 word challenge about why water is important for you.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Forces of Flight

Today we had our first unquiry rotation. This term our topic is flight. We discussed the forces of flight wich are Lift, Thrust, weight and drag. This google drawing that I have created collaboratively clearly explain the forces of flight and Isaac Newtons first rule.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Year 8 dance

Today is the first day of term 4 and we also had our first dance session. Today our dance teacher was Sonya. We first learnt the basic dance moves for rock'n roll and then cha cha. We learnt the back step sid and side, and then the girls did a turn, this was my favourite part. WHen we learnt the basics for each of them we moved onto practising with the boys, after pactising with a boy we moved onto the next one very fast. We will be performing these dances at the end of year year 8 graduation.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tennis My Personal Passion

To complete my Excellence and Innovation care awards I created a DLO about my personal passion. My Personal passion is tennis, the reasons why have been written.

Story Prompts

This is a story prompt presentation, with three story prompts. Sajiha and I worked collaboratively to complete this. We both decided to choose on of our own and then work on one together but we helped each other complete it so that we were both satisfied with our work. One of my stories ended up being a bit too long but as long as it answered the six questions Ms.Naicker said it would be fine.


This is a screenshot of Quizzez. This is an educational game where anyone can participate. Our whole cass has a couple of games of quizzez as a warm up, this makes everyone exciting and everbody looks foward to maths time. Today when we played, Sajiha and I decided to partner up and we came first place. We plyed four games of quizzez, three games of times tbles and 1 of basic facts.
Here is a link to quizzez if you would like to have a try.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig Wemyess Library Visit

Recently, LS2, LS1 and room 5 went to the Panmure library. We went to the library to meet Stig Wymess. Stig is an audio book narrator. He is the voice artist of the andy Griffiths books. Some of Andys most popular books are the 13 storey treehouse, the cat on the mat is flat and much more. Stig had a humorous characteristic wich entertained all of the students who came. HE talked about the app borrow box where you can download audiobooks for free as long as you have a library card. He read us a book called chubby bubby wich was hilarious and made us want to listen to more of his audio-books.

Friday, 16 September 2016


This week for inquiry, my group rotated to Hauora. Hauora are the four walls that keep your life together. The four walls a Taha Tinana your physical health, Taha Hignenaro your mental health, Taha Wairua spiritual well-being, and Taha Whanau wich is your family. These four walls belong to the Whare Ta Pa Pha. To create this presentation I collaborated with Riley from LS1

How Kailoa Came To Tonga

How Kailoa Came to Tonga
A long long time ago in the land of Tonga there was nothing but war and stress upon the villagers shoulders. A quiet village where everyone had their own thoughts running through their minds. A single laugh was rare, the sound of harmony unheard. All of this was because of the same reason - Chief Afa was enraged at how his warriors lost every single battle “They must show mercy upon us!” says Chief Afa. He was ashamed, He was looked down at, this was something he hated. One day his daughter Afelicia came up to his father, “ Father Father watch me” She performed a dance which would trigger anyones heart to melt, but Chief Afa had no time to waste.

In a few weeks time one of the most powerful tribe there was would be fighting over land. He had to think of way to dominate tribe Malawi. Cheif Afa’s tribe was anticlimactic compared to Tribe Malawi. Villagers were preparing themselves for a treacherous disaster. Everyday Afelecia would come up to his father and dance and then he finally said
“ STOP! Don’t waste my time” says Chief Afa.

That night he couldn’t sleep, there was too much to think about. The unnerving feeling just kept getting worser. One of them was the fact he shouted at his darling daughter in such a furious way. Tears streamed down his rough skin.
Just then, the lightbulb moment struck. ‘ what if we scare them before they have a chance defeat us’ this went through his mind over and over again, but he knew that it would take a while until he knew how they would fear his tribe. This thought let him sleep

The next day he gathered his warriors in a torn tent where they sat worn out benches, Chief Afa looking for answers but everyone wasn’t as hopeful as Chief Afa, they were either slowly sharpening their swords or tearing up in disbelief that they would survive. During Chief Afa’s gathering, Afelecia was listening to every single word that came out of her father’s mouth. Afelecia took a deep breath and then she walked into the room, standing up proud and tall “listen to me, warriors I can save you all”. Ashamed Chief Afa held down his head. “OUT!” say’s Chief Afa. There was a silent pause as if there was a gunshot heard somewhere.
 “ It’s time you listen to me father” Aflecia replies in fury, We shall create a chant and powerful moves to scare off tribe Malawi” When Afelecia said aloud her idea  murmur went around the tent with nods. At this moment from then on Afelecia was leading the choreography, receiving papers from villagers with chants written on them. With Cheif Afa’s idea and Afelecia’s suggestion, Cheif Afa was certain that this was a good idea.

A few days later The performance was ready, the ground was shaking, rumbling noises were getting louder, and then it all came to a halt.  Tribe Malawi was in front of them. The warriors formed into their organised  positions.

Aye, ay! Aye, ay!
Let the whole of Tonga hear me
Let the Animals spread the word that we are out there.
Let the foreigners fear us.
Today, we shall rule Tonga
Aye ay!.
May the strongest show mercy towards us
And crunch any fierce hearts you know
Ocean I drink, fire I dine
To death or victory, my will is fine.
That's how Tonga shall die
We shall give all to the land of Tonga.
Tribe Malawi’s horses backed away as if they understood, this intimidated tribe Malawi. Tribe Malawi’s Chief was holding the flag. They felt so certain God was helping them with those fierce words, that he dropped the flag on the floor.

That night the village was happier than they had ever been before. Cheif Afa had so much power in his hands, this was something he could get used to! He gathered everyone around and announced " I shall call our victory Kailoa!"

From then on people of Tonga knew that it is not just fighting that is the answer to war, but how strong the power of your mind can be.

As this week was Tongan Lauguage week our teacher decided to make our writing based on Tonga. Everyone in our class chose something to write about, from this we had to make a fictional pourquoi story. I decided to create a pourquoi story based around Kailoa and a fictional version of how it came to Tonga. It is a dance performed in ceremonies and special events.

Transum Day 4

I also had to play three games and I chose my favourite. My favourite game was beat the clock. This game is like a worksheet. You have to fill it in as fast as you can! My friend also tried this and we both really tried hard to beat each other and the clock.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Rolemodel

This is a collage I created with Ms. Naicker. Sajiha and I took these photo's at our Duffy assembly in Term 3. Our Duffy role model was Henry Tuipe'a who is on TV 3 on Saturdays. A visitor form  Mainfreight came to help handing out the books to the classes. Thank you to Mainfreight for all the fabulous books that we will treasure like Henry said. Henry talked about how he became so interested into reading, he was very entertaining to the young students and the seniors.

Stan Walkers Song Climb

Here is my research of Stan Walkers song CLIMB. This was created as part of one of my care award Activities. I created this with my classmate Nazella so that we could get it completed before the week and we could get it to Ms.Kirkpatrick and get it signed so we can earn our badges.

Demon Dentist - David Williams

Image result for demon dentist
This is also written by my favourite author David Williams. I love his books because it has humour and is really funny. Demon-dentist is my favourite book and I can't wait to read more of his hilarious books.