Sunday, 20 December 2015

Summer Learning Journey - Day 1

Today I have started my summer learning journey, our task was to take a look at the world map and pick out of these six countries.

  1. Canada - North America
  2. Malaysia - Asia
  3. United Kingdom - United Kingdom
  4. Germany - Europe
  5. Chile - South America
  6. New Zealand - Australasia
Image result for scenic hotels in germany
The country I picked was Germany. The reason I picked Germany was because it has always been a dream of mine to go there because of their interesting cities with such amazing history stories behind them .I also would like to go to Germany because of their amazing scenic views.
Image result for scenic hotels in germanyImage result for scenic hotels in germany


  1. Guten Morgen ("Good morning" in German)!

    It is wonderful to see that you have joined our learning journey for the summer. Welcome, Zeba! We are so happy to have you.

    I love that you have chosen to visit Germany and that you posted some beautiful pictures of traditional German scenery and architecture. It is a truly stunning country and one that is very dear to my heart. Two of my friends have actually moved to Germany in the past six months. They were both PhD students with me at The University of Auckland and they both got research fellowships in Germany. They both seem to be really enjoying themselves!

    I am hoping to save my money so that I can go and visit them. Before I go I will need to find an affordable airline ticket and pack my suitcase. You will find that these two activities are actually part of this summer learning journey programme. In fact, the activity for Day #2 is to buy an airline ticket. As part of the process you will get to watch a really funny video that features some of the All Blacks rugby players. On Day #3 you will be invited to pack your suitcase. You will want to think carefully about what you will need to pack because it is currently winter time in Germany and, according to my friend Carolyn, it was -16 degrees there yesterday. Yikes!

    Hope to see you continue your journey with us and embark on a fun and adventure-filled trip to Germany!

    Safe travels, Zeba.


  2. Dear Zeba,

    I am very excited to read that you picked Germany as your travel destination, as that is where I was born and am currently living.
    I thought it was very interesting that you said you always wanted to come here. Was there any particular story, movie or book that inspired you? What is the first thing that comes to our mind, when you think of Germany?

    I can tell you that the food is also really good here. So that could be another reason to come.

    I hope you will enjoy your trip,
    liebe Grüße, Katharina