Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Summary With 25 Words

" Lida don't leave me!."..... I was sent to make bombs and lose friends that had been killed by the Nazis. I escaped with nothing left to lose.

This is a summary I wrote about the story Making Bombs For Hitler, but the catch is I can only use 25 words! In this summary I acted like I was the character itself in this way the summary would explain more.

Awful Auntie recreated Cover

This is a book cover I have recreated. I think my cover looks better because it is eye catching. I really like the contrast of my colors. I also like this one because it looks less like a kids book so adults would like to read a comedy book aswell!
The original cover
Image result for awful auntie

Character portrait

This is a portrait of a character named Stella. She is from a book called Awful Auntie and she is my favourite character. Stella usually has he hair out but I did it differently. This is a portrait I drew to show you what I think of Stella

I Am Malala Music Video

This is a music video I have found inspired by the book I am Malala. This music video explains and described Malala and her story of bravery.

I Become Zoe's Sidekick

Image result for ratburgerIn this blogpost I will be writing a paragraph on why I would be a great sidekick for the main character in the story. The story I have chosen is Ratburger. This story has been written by David Williams one of my favorite authors. The main character is Zoe and the reason I have chosen to be her sidekick is because I think that she would need a friend to be by her side and to and comfort her. Her step mother is absolutely awful and her father is barely with her, spending his time at the pub and overall her family is very poor. Here enemies are Burt the man who sells burgers made out of minced rats and sheila her step mother ( Sheila and Burt are soon together once they meet). Zoe has always needed someone she can rely on.

Rewriting the Ending

In today's activity I have chosen to rewrite the ending of my story. The ending of the story has Lida from making bombs for Hitler receiving a letter from her long lost little sister Larissa asking whether she would like her step parents to adopt her and come live with her through my perspective this is a great ending but an even better ending for me would be.......

25 years later Lida and Luke get married they're child is know 3 years old and they come to a park, and it explains what they have been through. One day " Lida is that you " Her eyes fill up with tears,
" Larrisa....". After that another series of the book comes out

Holiday reading Challenge - setting

This image is part of the holiday reading challenge and is based on a scene of the book Making Bombs For Hitler. The scene has Lida and her sister Larrisa before they were separated in the war. They are lying in bed together cozy and in their own home.In this activity I was asked to draw a scene witch I liked this was very hard for me as there were no scenes except for the camp were there were slaves.

Choosing my own activity

Today I am creating my own activity to complete! I have decided to learn how to knit! I wanted to learn this because in the book the main character Lida was a professional and she even got called out to work in the sewing and laundry room instead of working with the other slaves under horrible condition. I told my mum if she could teach me and she said yes! Sewing is actually really fun I learnt cool things like sewing on buttons and I think this knew skill will come in handy.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Malala Yousefzai

I Am Malala Audiobook
As part of my holiday reading challenge I have chosen the activity were I choose who I would recommend this book to and why. I have read the book called I am Malala witch is about a girl who goes through many struggles in life especially when the Taliban comes on the school bus and shot her in the head ( Taliban are against girls going to school), if you would like to read the book go on the site and you will receive a 30 day free trial. I found this book really interesting and I would recommend this book to my friend Sajiha. She has done a lot of research about Malala and has told me how she really wants to read the book and now she can once I tell her about this website! Sajiha likes non-fiction books and she talks about how in the future she would like to help people in the middle east.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Book Casting

As part of my reading challenge I have chosen the task where if I was able to direct the movie of the book I'm reading wich actors would I choose to play the role of characters in the book. The book is called Making bombs for hitler.

Lida ( The girl captured by the Nazi's) - Emma Rayne Lyle
Larrissa ( Lida's younger sister separated)- Mia Talerico
Luke ( One of Lida's best friend who she cares ALOT about)- Bradley Steven Perry
Zenia( Larrisa's best friend who she will do almost anything for) - Chloe O'Malley

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Meat And Vegetable Soup

Image result for shorwa

Ingredients :
Lamb meat
Cooking oil
Onions finely chopped
Tomatoes finely chopped
Garlic minced
Red chili powder ( If wanted)
Black pepper
Carrot chopped

1.Wash and chop meat( as many peices as you like)
2.In pressure cooker ad onion, tomatoes, garlic, salt, black pepper, chili powder and 1 cup of water. Cover and cook for twenty minutes or until the meat is tender
3.Now add three to two cups of water for it to boil for some time.
4.Just before serving add some chopped coriander

This is a recipe for making soup. This is part of my Holiday reading challenge and this recipe is inspired by the book Making Bombs For Hitler . written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. It is about a girl called Lida who gets captured by the Nazi's and she is Ukrainian so she only gets served disgusting turnip soup were the rest for example the polish get served delicious meat and vegetable soup.

Friday, 15 April 2016

The Pre-fix Un

This is a word wall I have created On the pre fix un. We found these words in the dictionary. There were alot so this helped me clearly understand what a pre fix is. Our class will be working more on pre fix's and suffix.

Spell zone

These are my results for the word search pre-fix un. This week our class has been learning about spelling and grammar. This week we focused on the pre-fix un. We learnt that un means not. This website is called spell zone me and my friends had a competition of who could finish first it was a lot of fun.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sumdog Results - Bicycle Race

These are my results for a game called Sum-dog. I have played a game called Bicycle race. I practiced my timetables and fractions.I won the game by 2 seconds.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ANZAC - Flander's field

This week LS2 has been focusing on ANZAC and the importance and why we should commemerate ANZAC day. This google drawing includes the main idea Flanders Field witch is to remember the soldiers and their families and what they had to sacrifice. I chose the poem Flander's Feild because I think it has great meaning. Sajiha helped me put together the details of the main purpose.

Monday, 11 April 2016

My Narrative story

Title - A man who goes through a secret life to save his country

Intro -James Bond who works with a secret spy agency not even government knows about. He spends every day life fighting crime to save the world, but the world see’s him none other than a shadow. James Bond secretly grabs the CD that has all of the upcoming Kings evil plan but gets caught in the middle “ He’s in there CATCH HIIIIIIMM!” The future king demands the security to chase after him before he escapes with the CD in his hands. He smashed through glass but you barely see any scratches his suit that he wears to every mission looking fine.

Problem - 3 days have past by he is hiding away dodging everyone who may put him in danger. He completes refilling his gun with bullets, " It's time" he sighs to himself knowing what dangers may come ahead. It 11:00 night time and he is driving his custom made Ferrari packed with weapons he is on his way to the meeting where he will see the Queen,President and Pope.

Explain - Calculating the times he’ll have to stop he should reach his destination at 3:05 midnight He has fully co-ordinated the Meeting house which is in London and knows exactly where to find the DVD player. He hooks the rope onto the balcony making the job look so easy he answers a phone call and hanging onto the rope in one hand from Sam his co worker “ So once you reach the top across you will see a curtain behind that curtain are Queen Elizabeth the president and pope.”
“ Yeah, yeah five meters across them will be the DVD player you’ve told me like a thousand time Sam” James Bond ends the phone call before he can speak again”

Solution remains a mystery- He is almost there he stands still on top of the balcony, 'what is that noise' he says to himself 'it sounds like the police!' " do not move! the whole building is surrounded by FBI. A single move of a muscle will cause the Trigger to go off" He exclaims trying to keep a calm voice but it obviously isn't working. "  Please just let me explain myself…( he hesitates not wanting to let down the country) your future king is a fraud, If you just let me show you the CD you'll understand why I am doing this. He was know being circled by a helicopter This was being filmed on live TV!

This is a Narrative story I have written based on a prompt that our group was given. We first went through a TOPES plan framework and then transformed it into a mind mup. We then had all our ideas ready for us to write a Narrative story.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Science planning house

This google drawing is about the science experiment called elephant toothpaste. This is a planning house so it has information about our hypothesis and our observation.



Today at tech we continued working on our Plasticine. Photo number one has all my plans and my design brief. Photo number two shows what I have created on tinker cad so that when I am using Plasticine  . During the making of my key-chain I changed some thing suck as adding details so that it looks the way I want.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Story scavenger hunt - Nobody laughed

This is a story scavenger hunt based on the book called Nobody Laughed. This is one of my favourite can do's to complete. My favorite is the part where we write a simple sentence describing a picture in the text.

Man Pays $400 Dollars To Live In A Box

This is a Current events Challenge I chose to carry out. I chose this story because I was really fascinated as to why someone would want to sleep in a literal box!

Word Cline - Happy

This is a word cline I have created and the word I chose was Happy. I am hoping to use the word Jubilant more in my writing to make the sentence more interesting.  This is a can do activity that I have carried out and I chose the colours yellow, blue and white so that it matches my image to make it look eye catching.

Kanoa Lloyd

Today in Duffy Assembly I received the opportunity to meet Kanoa Lloyd. I have known Kanoa Lloyd since she was on sticky TV a long time ago and I used to watch her daily, you could hear her voice through the radio and know she is apart of the 3 news crew. In assembly she was talking about her favorite books which she will cherish forever. She had found a book witch was worth over $100 and she found it for $3 at the op-shop! She was a very inspiring person and I am so lucky to have had an opportunity to meet her.

Statue of Librety - Homework Week 10

This is week 10's homework. Our task was to find out about the Statue of Liberty. This week I worked on my own as my partner was busy completing something else. I had a lot of fun completing homework this week and hope I will get to visit the Statue of Liberty when I am older. It was very interesting to see the construction photos of the Statue of Liberty and one of the facts I was mostly interested by was how Statue of Liberty is closer to New Jersey and New Jersey hasn't claimed that it's their's!

Authors purpose - Nobody laughed

In class today I had finished all my work so I decided to complete a can do activity. The activity I choose was what was the Authors purpose in the story you read this week. I have included evidence to back up the reasons why I thought it was the authors purpose, and a link to the story if you would like to read it.  

Nobody Laughed

This google drawing is about The story Nobody Laughed. I have summarized the story and broken into the parts it fits into in the narrative writing structure.

Quick writes with Manu

Her first instinct was to scream. This, as it turned out, had been a very bad idea. “I told you not to scream, now look they’re chasing us” Said Manu. They were in the bushes hiding away from the hungry pack of wolves, frightened at the sight of their feisty eyes.

The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over.”Why did this have the one day that I’m alone in the house”. The wind slammed the windows open, frightened at the scene of lightning tears trembled down the little girl's face.

Jack had seen enough. Shutting his eyes he tried to block out the fire that was destroying the city. Ahead of him he could hear wails of mothers protecting their kids.  He was petrified of opening his eyes and looking at what the city had become. Since childhood he remembered running down the street with his kite flying high...
This is a Quick Write I collaborated with my partner Manu. In each box it has different prompts. The Highlighted parts are our prompts and then we have to carry on the story and have to complete it in five minutes. I had a lot of fun collaborating with Manu on this task because we could use our imagination!

Mind Mup - Writing Prompt

This Mind Mup is based around TOPES a narrative writing structure.It is my plan for the story I'm about to write. The website I used ( Mind Mup ) helped me because it was easy to use. Our writing group teacher Mrs.Donaldson gave us a picture of Daniel Craig running through traffic with a suite on. Everybody in our group had great ideas to share and they were all different. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bus Strike - Ifaketext

1.2.          3.4.

This is a iFaketext that is based around the Auckland bus strike. Our learning intention was to understand the both sides of a provocation. We were also learning what bias means. Bias means 'One sided opinion '. In this iFaketext, I am giving my opinion as a bus driver. While Sajiha who is my partner, is giving her opinion as the public. 

Auckland City Bus Strike

This Google Drawing has been created collaboratively by Sajiha and I. Our purpose was to inform our audience about Auckland Bus Strike that was on the 19th of Feb 2016. We have answered the 5 w's for our topic and also added an image to show the bus strike. 

Sumdog results

This is a screenshot I have taken to show my sumdog results. I am happy with what I have acheived and have done better than last time.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Panmure Bridge flag vote

Here are the votes of Panmure Bridge School's choice of flag. Most of the juniors voted for the New flag as the seniors voted for the old flag.In this google drawing It explains what I have predicted and have created a graph to show you which flag won.

What is Topes in a narrative

This DLO is created to explain what Topes means. Topes is used to help your write a narrative and is also the structure of a narrative. I used this layout so it is easy to explain.

Maths problem solving 3

This is week three's problem solving DLO. It is about money and I used percentages to help me.

Mental stimulation

This is a poster I have created based on an article that I have read with my reading group. I have chosen the paragraph called mental stimulation.I have created an eye ctching poster by using the rule of thirds, big font and much more.

How to be a great scientist movie

This is the movie that group 3 created on "How to be a scientist".  Our group decided to choose Oobleck as our experiment. The steps and methods were explained. Our movie was edited using iMovie to add the title and effects.