Friday, 20 June 2014


Nearly everybody likes pizza because The come in different flavours. It is so delicious there are different things people like pizzas for like the meat they put in is it the tomato sauce maybe vegeterians flavour I don’t know but I like pizza because of the cheese I don't normally like cheese i but its a bit different on pizza thats why I like it.

Tane Mahuta

characters feelings

Koro Rex
“ his eyes were patient but with sadness behind his eyes “
Mr Turnbull
Because when they were taking the picture he looked happy that he was going to get allot of money
Uncle Tiny
because he said  “ HOHA!!! “ when he found out  that the forest was getting cut down( hoha witch means rubbish)
Because it shows that she is making a card  board saying “ our forest is our future “
he is also angry but thinks he is us less.
because he said “ don’t waste your time te raukau is as good as gone
because he responded to dad saying “ how can you say that dad . we can’t let that happen “

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Photo essay.

When we went to botanic gardens our class learned lots of new things I learned that leaves go through a cycle that when the fall down they become part of the forest. We also learned that trees are so important because they give us oxygen to breath. We learned lots of cycles like trees evaporating.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Maud island frog

The Maud island frog is about 42 meters long!!! so small. The frogs skin is kept moist so they can also breath through there skin if it is not kept most it will die. When Maud island frogs croak it sound weird it sound like a cricket.

Helpful or harmful?

Monday, 9 June 2014

My maths progress.

What do you notice?  
This term we did our second basic facts test this term I got 73 correct answers out of 100 last time I got 58 out of 60.
I know all  my addition and subtraction but I think the multiplication and division  let me down and now I know what I need to work on .
I am good at adding because I have lots of strategies to put them in like making a perfect ten.
I really need to work on multiplication and ways to find it a bit easier.

The goal I am going to set for myself is that my the end of this year I  am going to go on sites at home for half and hour that are about multiplication to get faster and get someone from my family to help me learn more easier ways to solve the problem .

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Food chain

This is my food chain and it is about how it can effect to make new animals.