Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Quiz - Sentences

Here are my results on a quiz I took about simple complex and compound sentences. In this quiz you had to choose the sentence that was complex compound or simple.If you would like to try out this site click here.

Simple , Complex , Compound

Click Here and the link will lead you to my  Prezi that shows you what simple , compound and complex sentences are .In this Prezi you are able to zoom freely.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Current Events

Here is my Current events for this week It includes the link to my resources and a video wich will tell you all about the news.

Homework - Galileo Galilee

Our homework for this week was also a mystery topic and our topic was chosen by our student teacher Mrs . Donaldson . She chose Galileo Galilee . I enjoyed learning about him because there was so much I didn't know!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

IFakeText - Should the NZ flag be changed ?

Here is a Fake text I created with Sajiha. Today in Room 5 we were talking about changing the NZ flag.  We  both were having a conversation by disagreeing with each other. If you would like to try this site out Click here.


Monday, 22 June 2015

We do not think the NZ flag should be changed

 Here is a popplet I created with evelyn. We created this to help us when we write a persuasive argument on why we should not change the flag. We had a decision to make on wether or not we should change our flag. Our class mate Ducati said he doesn't no so we will be writing a persuasive argument to make him think like us.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Scratch learning

Today at digitech we have been creating a table to help us remember what tools we have been using and to remember how we can using it later on.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Letter To The Editor - Maori Battalion

Dear Editor

On behalf of all the men in Taranaki and Waikato, I strongly disagree with the Government’s  Conscription. Why should we be forced to join the army to fight for King and Country when you have stolen our land and ability to grow our own food? Maybe if you put yourself in our shoes, then you may realise what we have been through compared to your life. We do not want to risk our lives fighting for something that we shouldn’t have to have a decision to even think about! I hope you understand clearly of what I am trying to say.


All people from Waikato and Taranaki

Here is a letter to the editor written by Sajiha and I. Our task was to write a letter to the editor sharing our reasons why conscription of men who the government had disappointed should not be allowed in the Maori Battalion.

Maori Battalion Task - Henare Mokena Kohere

We have been focusing on the Maori Pioneer Battalion this week. Sajiha and I have created a  biography poster about Henare Mokena Kohere. We have added pictures to give a clear understanding of this. 

Animated name - Scratch

Here is my completed scratch. To make this work you need to keep clicking the green flag until the dinosaur gets across. This scratch has my name but animated. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maori Battalion - Prezi

 This Prezi was created by Sajiha and I. We loved finding out more about the soldiers in the maori battalion. This Prezi includes a letter from a soldier in the Maori Battilion.

Maori Battalion - Bar graph

This is a collaborative bar graph created by Sajiha and I. We have shown the number of deaths and wounded in the Maori pioneer Battalion.This Bar graph includes has the whole Native maori contingent who went to war. 

Maori Battalion - Timeline

Here is my Popplet on the Maori Battalion timeline. This has been my first timeline and Popplet for 2015. This timeline has information about the one year of the Maori Battalion. This Popplet has highlighted the main actions that have been taken in the Maori Battalion. I created this Popplet with Sajiha we both enjoyed creating this activity . We hope that you have learnt something throughout this popplet.

WW1 Collage

This is a collaborative collage created by Sajiha and I. We have added images from the Maori Battalion to bring back memories from the World War 1. 

Maori Battalion Poster

Here is my poster created by Sajiha and I . We both worked very collaboratively to create this. This poster is persuading men to fight in war and equality.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maori Battalion

 Here is My maori Battalion Prezi. It has information about The history and some interesting facts. I hope you have learnt something throughout reading this Prezi

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Click here to see my work on plurals.
The link above is my work on plurals it can teach you more than you might have before. Mr Wong our yr 6 ans 5 teacher shared this document with us to fill out and do.

Food Truck Garage - Homework

Here is my homework for this week. My Home work is about The Food Truck Garage and how it came to be. The Food Truck Garage is mainly a Food Truck controlled by a NZ chef  who cooks normal food but takes out the Fat and puts in healthy benefits.

Jerry Collins

After the sad new of Jerry Collins on the weekend I have created a DLO  that celebrates his positive contribution in rugby. I created this Google drawing with my friend Saruja we worked well together to create this.I learnt lots more than I did before.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Xtra Maths Results

Here is my results for Xtra maths. I think that the reason I got  less this time is because in the middle I had gotten distracted and focused on something else. Next time I think that I will be on subtraction. I really enjoy playing extra maths because it challenges me by speeding up my basic facts.Everyone in room 5 enjoys it to.Green means that I know the answer very well , Yellow means that I answered it but wasn't fast enough , grey means I have answered it wrong and usually there is a blue hourglass for taking long to answer but this time I didn't get it.

Animals of World War 1

Here is my Prezi on animals of WW1. I created this Prezi with Halatoa we both worked very collaboratively. We both learned lot more than we did before.Our challenge was to only create DLO only on online websites so there were no presentation or google drawing.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

How The Eye Works

This google drawing is part of my home work. Each week we have a mystery topic and this week it was on how the eye works.It includes information such as the Sclera , Cornea , Iris , pupils and Lense.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Digital Dialect - Maori

This screenshot is from a game called Digital Dialects - Maori . I played this game with my friend Mahdia. We both enjoyed this game  because it taught us both maori and english. If you would like to visit this site click here.