Thursday, 3 December 2015

Choosing a new flag

 Today we had a discussion about the New Zealand flag. We looked at the different flags and their meanings. To choose a flag of our choice we did a 4-3-2-1 this also had to do with oral language.

- 4 minutes to read the meanings behind each flag and to decide which flag represents New Zealand the best,

- 3 minutes to find a partner and  discuss why you chose the flag and to give some details,

- 2 change partners and tell them why you choose this flag

 -1 minute to buddy up with another pair of students to get in a group of four so you can see other point of views of the other flags and just incase you would want to change your mind.

 Our activity was to create a 50 word paragraph to make an informed choice. We did this so that our decision on a flag would be final and because we work better together. My choice of the 5 flags was the red white and blue silver fern. At the end of Oral language we went to the new building to vote.

 People chose this flag for reasons such as: I made personal connections to it, It represents multiple cultures and also because it is instantly recognized as New Zealand's. The other 2 of the people in our group chose the first flag for reasons such as:  I liked the design and because it's easily recognized as ours due to the Silver Fern.

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