Saturday, 28 February 2015

What is addition?

What is addition by Zeba37p2fbr on GoAnimate
 I have created this go animate to teach younger Student what addition is. In this go animate video I have used voice , action and text.please leave a comment about what things I could do to make my next go animate better

Friday, 27 February 2015

Tagul word cloud all about me

This is my Tagul word cloud all about me. This also had to do with my art project. This Writing or outside shape is written in Persian .If you don't know me well this describes me perfectly. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Room 5 and 6 comparison


Room 5 and Room 6 came together to create a graph about those who speak another language at home. I found out that Room 6 has a bigger mix of languages than Room 5.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Current events

This is my current events a man has found a dead body in the water hanging on to a life jacket.Police are investigating what has happened.

Homework - Mouhtutaphu Island

 This is my inside and outside Brochure.This week we have had to do a information brochure about our writing island.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to write a recount

Do you know how to write a recount ? Well if you don't this Prezi is here to give you some idea or information about writing a recount.I have worked hard to create this Prezi and for it to make sense. please leave a comment about what you think I should work on next time.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bite size test quizez score

This is my bite size English recount test quiz score.I was working on the structure of the recount .i learnt so cool new things that could help me improve writing recount .

Monday, 9 February 2015

Identity timeline Quiz

Today we had to do a timeline quiz.The quiz was about all 
 the intresting facts about the main things that had happened in New Zealand.
Did you know Lord of the rings was the Oscar winning movie.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dear Term 4 me

Dear term 4 me By the time you read this note 2015 should nearly be done and you should have had fun this year because there is camp , film festival and production! This year I have set up 3 goals for you number 1 become at least one of the leaders you should have done this by having a positive attitude around people and always joining in on activities. Goal number 2 being above on 2 or 3 subjects this year you should have achieved this by listening to the teacher and learning all the things she teaches us and being professional at it by practicing it at home. Goal number 3 having a smile on my face every day of the year you can achieve the goal by going to sleep early and not being sleepy in the morning not having enemies and not taking in manipulates that people say about you.Goal number 4 I hope you have learnt lot sand reached stage seven by the end of the year . to do you need to practice your subjects such as decimals times tables and fraction. Have a happy and safe year (:good luck:) From term 1 Zeba


This is my homework task this week.I really enjoyed making this online brochure and I am really glad that I finished it on time.This week we had to choose one of the Kiwianas so I chose Minties next you would make a brochure and it wasn't just the writing you had to do there were the colours you wanted the conrast, and font to make it really easy to the brochure you would have to include What'Kiwiana' is What your example is (include an explanation of its origin and an image) Why it is linked to the group 'Kiwiana' The connection to your family (this maybe memory of a toy or a type of food you had when you were younger, a story your parents or grandparents have shared with you, a sign from a place you have visited.

P.B.S Care values

In P.B.S we have care values. This presentation was made by Yvette , Tim , Sajiha and I we had a lot of fun taking pictures.
 Please leave a comment thanks.