Friday, 13 November 2015

Science at Tamaki College

Today at Tamaki college we had we had woodwork but it wasn't just wood work we also had our first ever science lesson! We were all very excited to attend a science lesson . Before we were able to go in the class we were handed booklets. Our goal was too create a robot that is powered my rubber bands too scramble three meteres across the floor. Both room 5 and 6 were slit up by two teachers called Mrs.Bunce and Mr. Malhotre. I was with Mrs. Bunce, she was a great teacher .First we talked about the 4 strands of science . We made notes on sticky notes and did a quiz at the end the prize was chocolate. in science we learned a lot of things such as what how many different ways you can show science instead of mixing chemicals together.

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  1. Hello Zeba, can you remember what the four strands of Science are called?