Friday, 12 August 2016

Should Host Countries Spend So Much Money On The Olympics?

Mrs. Anderson introduced us to the learning intention where we consider both points of views when forming a decision or opinion. There are two opinions about should host countries spend lots of money on stadiums and venues. My opinion is yes and the reasons why I say that have been put together in a paragraph. I also collected information from my classmate Afu she disagrees with me and all her ideas have been put together in a paragraph aswell. This google drawing also includes what provocation means and I used this in my google d.rawing


  1. Hey Zeba,
    Great work! I love the contrast of colours. I like how it matches the pool so it looks eye catching. You explained your opinion really well and added a lot of detail. It's also good to see that you have attributed your images.

    - Sajiha

  2. Fabulous work Zeba! I can clearly see that you have put a lot of thought into your opinion. Your blurb tells us exactly what you were doing which helps people who are looking at your posts make a stronger connection to your learning. Well done!

    1. Hi Mrs.Anderson

      I did try to get both point of views and explain why I think, what I think. I am glad that my blurb was explained clearly. This definitely has helped me make a stronger to my learning.