Thursday, 25 August 2016

Run, Jump, Throw - Week 4

This week with Andy at Run, Jump, Throw our discipline is still focusing on our jumping skills. We recapped some things we did last. We learn the two different styles of jumps which are Fosbury ( named after Dick Fosbury) and the scissor-kick. We were practicing our scissor kicks and how it goes either left, left, right, right or right, right, left, left which ever way you feel comfortable. We had turns jumping over poles and had a choice whether we want to jump over the shorter one or higher and whether they want to perform the J run up from the left or the right. Many people preferred the right J run up. This helped me get used to the J run up because before I wasn't so sure how to and that it was hard to perform but I realized that it make high jumps much easier.

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  1. A detailed description of your learning Zeba. I like your honest evaluation of the part you found challenging. Did you find it hard using the same leg and arm actions after having to think about using the opposite leg/arm actions in running?