Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem - By Zeba

I will put into the box …
The pleasurable scent of Lilacs,
A yard full of kittens coloured pearl white, ginger and black,
The stories told, passed down from my ancestors to me to my generation,

I will put into the box …
A meadow full of bunnies scampering across the fields,
A bakery filled with scrumptious cakes muffins and loaves of bread,
The tropical fruits from the pacific islands,

I will put into the box …
An antique box filled with ruby, emerald,sapphire and topaz jewels shimmering and sparkling,
The sweet harmony of birds caroling in the meadows,
Frothy whipped cream melting at the touch of my tongue

My box is fashioned Lapis and emerald blocks from Minecraft with diamonds from mount jubilee, with pink ivory wood on the lid and decorated with word of wisdom in the corners.

Its hinges let no dreams escape

I shall lock out all of my fears in my box

This is my magic box poem. Our goal was to create powerful imagery to in our own words to create a picture in the reader's mind. I found that creating a magic box poem can be so much fun because you can let your imagination run wild and there is no end to how crazy it can be.


  1. Hi Zeba - Enjoyed your talk at the Google event today so thought I'd take a look at your blog. Was really struck by your poem - your imagination really can run wild through poetry and you have a strength for using words very powerfully - "its hinges let no dreams escape" - brilliant! I encourage you to keep writing to express your thoughts and feelings.

    1. Hi Mr. Francis,

      I'm so glad that you were able to take a look at some of the work I have done. I also think that this is one of my best pieces of writing.

      From Zeba

  2. What a fabulous poem Zeba! You have painted a very clear picture with your words. I really like the line 'the stories told, passed down from my ancestors to me to my generation.' These stories are such a special gift. We're lucky that we get to hear them :)