Thursday, 11 August 2016

Run Jump Throw - Week 2

This week at run, jump, throw we recapped last week's activities. We were reminded of the proper way to run.

- High knees - You will exaggerate this but when it comes to running in a race it will be less exaggerated .
-  Cheek to cheek - Bend you arms and cheek to cheek means past your face and butt, this keeps your body still.
- Straight Back
- Looking straight - Focused ahead
-  Light Feet - On the balls of your feet
- Run in a straight line

Afterwards, we ran relays with the correct form of running. We learnt the starter positions how we had to stand one metre away then when they say 'on your mark' then walk up to the line, 'set' get into your stance and then the gunfire sounds. We then got into partners and worked on our reaction time wich is how quick we react when the race begins.

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  1. This was a great session with some important skills learnt. I can see by your blurb that you listened carefully to what Andy was teaching us. Well done!