Friday, 9 December 2016

Rockets at TC - Day 2

Today was our second time at Tamaki college learning and experimenting with rockets. Today we started off by completing our paper rockets from last week. Mr. Dunn taught us how to attach on our string to the rocket. In the middle of the string, there was a paper sellotaped so that this acts like a parachute when the top of the rocket blows off and flies through the air. Once everybody completed their rocket construction, we went out to the field to launch them. Each group had their chance to make their rocket fly. During the rocket experiment, some landed a centimeter away from the launcher, while some went all the way to the carpark of Tamaki College. During all the launchers, we were focusing on the variables and why they some flew the way they did. I think that my group's (Sajiha, Nazella and me) rocket went the furtherest, that we couldn't even see it anymore. I think this is because we followed the instructions really clearly and made sure everything was the way it was meant to be. Overall everyone in LS2 had a great day and a huge thank you to Mr. Dunn, Miss. Ferguson! Because they spent their time with us and without them this wouldn't be possible without them. They put in so much effort to make this happen. And again, thank you so much. 

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