Thursday, 27 October 2016


This Prezi is all about the flu. As this is the most common type of sickness I thought it would be important as to why we have the flu and how to prevent it. There are many interesting and crazy facts bout how the Saxons cured their symptoms. Our class used the word generator and instead of word we put in letters. From there the generator would generate a letter and we would learn about something starting with that letter. I got the letter S so I chose sickness. As I was searching up about sickness I ended up going deeper and deeper into learning about influenza.

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Another place I got my information are books.

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  1. Dear Zeba,
    Thank you so much for sharing information about Influenza, I have never heard about this flu so it really helped me! Great subject for Inquiry this week! Maybe you could explain in your blurb what these sicknesses are and how they can affect people, but great work anyway!