Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Multi-modal Reading

This week since our class is going to Tohuna Torea our reading focus has been on Godwits and multi-modal . Our Reading group is the R group. In our group, we  have Paige, Jasmine, Manu, Sylis,  Eric. Our first task was to complete our question matrix. We completed this task so that next time when we do our research we know what information we are looking for. This was also interesting to know what other people were finding our and we learnt a lot from each other. After we completed our question matrix we relied on our prior knowledge. We wrote about our prior knowledge about the travel transportations we use now, 30 years ago and 100 years ago. We wrote down on our computers the problems that come with all these types of transportation. Since we completed our prior knowledge we got to reciprocal read with our group. We took turns and read a paragraph each. I enjoyed today's session and I think we collaborated really well.

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