Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hockey - Week 1

Today was our first session of hockey this year. To warm up we played bullrush ( octopus). Many of us enjoyed carrying out the activities that were set for us. We learnt to do the magnet dribble. This dribble is called magnet because the hockey stick is always following the stick. To achieve this dribble you need to rotate your stick to stop the ball going side to side. We then played traffic light. When they shout red you stop, green means go walking dribbling, Orange is to stop walking and dribble on the spot, purple is to dribble backwards, silver is to go really fast dribbling and blue is to do a roundabout so you are lead the ball with your stick. We had  a competition about who could dribble the ball the most. If you drop you can start again and keep on counting with your previous score. Congratulations to Zahn who won. The year 8's got into two teams and the coach would shout a number and the same amount of people would compete from two teams. Everybody really enjoyed this game.

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