Friday, 25 November 2016

Library Visit

Yesterday the librarians of Panmure Bridge school visited the Panmure library. The librarians Zeba, Zahra, June, Jane, Sanujin, Pote and I were hosted  by Pranita and hoko who were showing us around the library. We learnt about the routine the books go through each day. When we went to the library, we became very skillful at the rotation of books.

The librarians then discussed the activities for the Dare to Explore challenge that happens in the summer holidays. The Dare to Explore challenges help entertain students during the holidays and will keep you educated, which means you will have a positive reading results in the tests that happen when you come back to school next year.

A big Thank you to Ms Sloan and Ms Lew who drove us to the library and to the librarians at Panmure library for making us feel so welcome and teaching us more about libraries.

Remember, keep reading and make sure your books aren’t overdue.

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  1. Hi Zeba
    Hope you had lots of fun at the Library. I like how you explained what happened at the Library specifically. Make sure you add a image next time.