Friday, 16 September 2016

How Kailoa Came To Tonga

How Kailoa Came to Tonga
A long long time ago in the land of Tonga there was nothing but war and stress upon the villagers shoulders. A quiet village where everyone had their own thoughts running through their minds. A single laugh was rare, the sound of harmony unheard. All of this was because of the same reason - Chief Afa was enraged at how his warriors lost every single battle “They must show mercy upon us!” says Chief Afa. He was ashamed, He was looked down at, this was something he hated. One day his daughter Afelicia came up to his father, “ Father Father watch me” She performed a dance which would trigger anyones heart to melt, but Chief Afa had no time to waste.

In a few weeks time one of the most powerful tribe there was would be fighting over land. He had to think of way to dominate tribe Malawi. Cheif Afa’s tribe was anticlimactic compared to Tribe Malawi. Villagers were preparing themselves for a treacherous disaster. Everyday Afelecia would come up to his father and dance and then he finally said
“ STOP! Don’t waste my time” says Chief Afa.

That night he couldn’t sleep, there was too much to think about. The unnerving feeling just kept getting worser. One of them was the fact he shouted at his darling daughter in such a furious way. Tears streamed down his rough skin.
Just then, the lightbulb moment struck. ‘ what if we scare them before they have a chance defeat us’ this went through his mind over and over again, but he knew that it would take a while until he knew how they would fear his tribe. This thought let him sleep

The next day he gathered his warriors in a torn tent where they sat worn out benches, Chief Afa looking for answers but everyone wasn’t as hopeful as Chief Afa, they were either slowly sharpening their swords or tearing up in disbelief that they would survive. During Chief Afa’s gathering, Afelecia was listening to every single word that came out of her father’s mouth. Afelecia took a deep breath and then she walked into the room, standing up proud and tall “listen to me, warriors I can save you all”. Ashamed Chief Afa held down his head. “OUT!” say’s Chief Afa. There was a silent pause as if there was a gunshot heard somewhere.
 “ It’s time you listen to me father” Aflecia replies in fury, We shall create a chant and powerful moves to scare off tribe Malawi” When Afelecia said aloud her idea  murmur went around the tent with nods. At this moment from then on Afelecia was leading the choreography, receiving papers from villagers with chants written on them. With Cheif Afa’s idea and Afelecia’s suggestion, Cheif Afa was certain that this was a good idea.

A few days later The performance was ready, the ground was shaking, rumbling noises were getting louder, and then it all came to a halt.  Tribe Malawi was in front of them. The warriors formed into their organised  positions.

Aye, ay! Aye, ay!
Let the whole of Tonga hear me
Let the Animals spread the word that we are out there.
Let the foreigners fear us.
Today, we shall rule Tonga
Aye ay!.
May the strongest show mercy towards us
And crunch any fierce hearts you know
Ocean I drink, fire I dine
To death or victory, my will is fine.
That's how Tonga shall die
We shall give all to the land of Tonga.
Tribe Malawi’s horses backed away as if they understood, this intimidated tribe Malawi. Tribe Malawi’s Chief was holding the flag. They felt so certain God was helping them with those fierce words, that he dropped the flag on the floor.

That night the village was happier than they had ever been before. Cheif Afa had so much power in his hands, this was something he could get used to! He gathered everyone around and announced " I shall call our victory Kailoa!"

From then on people of Tonga knew that it is not just fighting that is the answer to war, but how strong the power of your mind can be.

As this week was Tongan Lauguage week our teacher decided to make our writing based on Tonga. Everyone in our class chose something to write about, from this we had to make a fictional pourquoi story. I decided to create a pourquoi story based around Kailoa and a fictional version of how it came to Tonga. It is a dance performed in ceremonies and special events.

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