Sunday, 10 July 2016

Day 2: Winter Learning Journey

What: In the begging, they are shown doing multiple activities wich will be held in the 2016 Olympics. Both Tom and Vinicius from separate places end up chasing  a ball like object wich leads to the same place.

Why: I think this is the story of how they became friends.

Who : Vinicius and Tom

Where: In Rio de Janeiro there was being held some sort of parade
How: They met each other while chasing two different balls but it is not shown how the ball got there.


  1. I'm so glad that see that you chose my favourite episode. Lucky me! I personally really love the episode because it shows us how the two mascots first met and became friends. I expect that we will see a lot of them over the next few months as they will be on TV throughout the Olympics and the Paralympics. Apparently Tom (the blue one) is the primary mascot for the Paralympics while Vinicius is the main mascot for the traditional Olympics.

    Which of the two mascots do you prefer? I can see features and qualities in both that I quite like. I actually find it quite hard to choose between the two. What about you?

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  2. Hi Zeba,
    I really like the episode you have chosen to do. I chose to do episode 2. I really enjoyed reading this I think I want to watch the episode again.