Monday, 4 July 2016

First Life Education Session

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As part of our first year 8 Life Education Session, we learnt about the body system and how it is important to know how our body works. First talked about how the heart really isn't the shape of the heart inside of you. Nicole ( the teacher) told us that if you put two hearts together it make the heart symbol. We also learnt how our nerves send the messages to our brain wich creates our reaction, it is like a motorway. It was clearly explained because she had a projector where we could see what it actually looked like and what she was talking about. We also played two games, one was where she would call out a number we had to clap that same amount if we did too many, we were out. The next game out of the 5 senses we were using touch so both teams had a race to who could reach the person at the end first both. These games were a lot of fun. I found it useful how the kidneys take water from your brain if you don't drink enough water this creates a headache but is also due to stress.

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