Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 4 bonus - Winter Learning Journey

For the day 4 bonus I was asked to  Watch the Be the Inspiration video and then post a critique of the video on your blog. In your critique tell us what you liked about the video and what you didn’t like. It is very common for movie reviewers to use stars to indicate how much they liked a movie. A rating of * = very bad movie, ** = bad movie, *** = okay movie, **** = good movie, and ***** = very good movie.

 I really liked how the video was so calm and keeps you captivated.I have decided to give this a ***** a five because it had beautiful scenic views and it had a voice over I wonder who's voice it was?


  1. That is a great question, Zeba. After reading your post, I decided to do a little bit of research into the #Be The Inspiration movie. Sadly, I couldn't find a site that told me who the narrator was, either. I will keep looking and let you know who it is as soon as I find out!

    Thanks for asking such a good question, Zeba.

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  2. Hi Zeba, WOW! You have told us some clear answers on why you liked that clip but was there anything you didn't like. I enjoy reading your post.