Thursday, 1 September 2016

Google Roadshow

Today the Maniakalani ambassadors from 9 schools attended the google roadshow at the Auckland Aotea centre. Levir from Glenbrae, Joshua from St X Pius Catholic school, Marcus from Tamaki Primary, Elizabeth from Point England, Shanelle from Glenbrae, Serenity from k, Sebaan from Stonefields , Ingrid from St.Patricks and I presented our presentations and this was very cool because we were able to use the google podium. Thank you to Mr. Burt who drove us to the Aotea centre and supported us. Also, thank you to Miss.Burt who gave us this opportunity. During the event, we were sitting in the front row and had our own seats to go back to and blog after everyone had presented.All the ambassadors have become great friends and we were so glad that we had received this opportunity. 

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