Thursday, 7 April 2016

Quick writes with Manu

Her first instinct was to scream. This, as it turned out, had been a very bad idea. “I told you not to scream, now look they’re chasing us” Said Manu. They were in the bushes hiding away from the hungry pack of wolves, frightened at the sight of their feisty eyes.

The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over.”Why did this have the one day that I’m alone in the house”. The wind slammed the windows open, frightened at the scene of lightning tears trembled down the little girl's face.

Jack had seen enough. Shutting his eyes he tried to block out the fire that was destroying the city. Ahead of him he could hear wails of mothers protecting their kids.  He was petrified of opening his eyes and looking at what the city had become. Since childhood he remembered running down the street with his kite flying high...
This is a Quick Write I collaborated with my partner Manu. In each box it has different prompts. The Highlighted parts are our prompts and then we have to carry on the story and have to complete it in five minutes. I had a lot of fun collaborating with Manu on this task because we could use our imagination!

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