Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I Become Zoe's Sidekick

Image result for ratburgerIn this blogpost I will be writing a paragraph on why I would be a great sidekick for the main character in the story. The story I have chosen is Ratburger. This story has been written by David Williams one of my favorite authors. The main character is Zoe and the reason I have chosen to be her sidekick is because I think that she would need a friend to be by her side and to and comfort her. Her step mother is absolutely awful and her father is barely with her, spending his time at the pub and overall her family is very poor. Here enemies are Burt the man who sells burgers made out of minced rats and sheila her step mother ( Sheila and Burt are soon together once they meet). Zoe has always needed someone she can rely on.

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  1. Hi Zeba, lots of students like David Walliam's books, both boys and girls. Why do you think that is? Also can you fix the spelling on his surname for me pls?