Monday, 11 April 2016

My Narrative story

Title - A man who goes through a secret life to save his country

Intro -James Bond who works with a secret spy agency not even government knows about. He spends every day life fighting crime to save the world, but the world see’s him none other than a shadow. James Bond secretly grabs the CD that has all of the upcoming Kings evil plan but gets caught in the middle “ He’s in there CATCH HIIIIIIMM!” The future king demands the security to chase after him before he escapes with the CD in his hands. He smashed through glass but you barely see any scratches his suit that he wears to every mission looking fine.

Problem - 3 days have past by he is hiding away dodging everyone who may put him in danger. He completes refilling his gun with bullets, " It's time" he sighs to himself knowing what dangers may come ahead. It 11:00 night time and he is driving his custom made Ferrari packed with weapons he is on his way to the meeting where he will see the Queen,President and Pope.

Explain - Calculating the times he’ll have to stop he should reach his destination at 3:05 midnight He has fully co-ordinated the Meeting house which is in London and knows exactly where to find the DVD player. He hooks the rope onto the balcony making the job look so easy he answers a phone call and hanging onto the rope in one hand from Sam his co worker “ So once you reach the top across you will see a curtain behind that curtain are Queen Elizabeth the president and pope.”
“ Yeah, yeah five meters across them will be the DVD player you’ve told me like a thousand time Sam” James Bond ends the phone call before he can speak again”

Solution remains a mystery- He is almost there he stands still on top of the balcony, 'what is that noise' he says to himself 'it sounds like the police!' " do not move! the whole building is surrounded by FBI. A single move of a muscle will cause the Trigger to go off" He exclaims trying to keep a calm voice but it obviously isn't working. "  Please just let me explain myself…( he hesitates not wanting to let down the country) your future king is a fraud, If you just let me show you the CD you'll understand why I am doing this. He was know being circled by a helicopter This was being filmed on live TV!

This is a Narrative story I have written based on a prompt that our group was given. We first went through a TOPES plan framework and then transformed it into a mind mup. We then had all our ideas ready for us to write a Narrative story.

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