Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Awful Auntie recreated Cover

This is a book cover I have recreated. I think my cover looks better because it is eye catching. I really like the contrast of my colors. I also like this one because it looks less like a kids book so adults would like to read a comedy book aswell!
The original cover
Image result for awful auntie


  1. Hello Zeba, I really love the cover you have drawed. The cover you've drawed is better then the original one. Well done keep it up!

  2. Hi Zeba, I agree the colours on you cover are very eye-catching. I think your cover makes it look less like a kids book.

  3. Hello Zeba, I think your cover is better too because it is more easy to see and I think it suits kids.

  4. Hi Zeba, I like how you have chosen a new cover. I think your cover is better because your cover makes it more like a grown up book because it does not have kid colours.