Monday, 25 May 2015

My five minute snap shot

Five minutes of archery

The gates opened , all of the students rushed to the arrows. Our instructor was giving us a set of instruction but I just wanted to shoot my first arrow. After the instructor stopped talking the first set of people stood up and took and arrow.

I took a step forward it was as if everyone was staring at me with beady eyes. As I was holding the arrow I immediately realized how sweaty my palms were getting. While he was calling out the set of instructions it was if hours were passing.

Then I heard “ THREE TWO ONE GO ! “ I took a deep breath staring at the target and ZOOM the arrows shot. “  yes “ I said under my breath I had got my arrow on the black. I picked up the next arrow but before I shot it I realized the other students were shouting with encouragement and support. I looked to the other side and saw a camera flashing away. I pulled back , my arms were shaking like jelly “ ZOOM .“  I was up to my last arrow and while I was waiting for the call I realized my sweaty palm , shaking arms  and my fear had disappeared.

This is my 5 minute snap shot recount. My snap shot recount is about my time in archery and our goal was to paint a picture in the reader mind.

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