Friday, 22 May 2015

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Dear Latham and Djae ,

Me and Tiare love your underground soldiers DLO. We also like how eye catching you made the DLO great job.

From Zeba and Tiare
  1. Hi Mengchun , Linda , Silivia,

    You guys did a Great job at showing the way you solved your strategy in a clear way. Me and Tiare love the way you guys set the layout. Keep working hard towards greater achievements.
    Dear Mrs. Clarks students ,

    Me and Tiare are from Panmure Bridge School and we really enjoyed your numeracy video clip. Me and Tiare learnt a lot from watching it we hope to see more of your great work.
  2. These three comments here are made by Taire and I. They were made to Room 5 , Room 6 Point England School.

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