Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Story Swap with Shantay

I stood outside wondering if I should take a step into the house. As I took more steps it felt like the house was pulling me closer. All these thoughts were rushing through my mind whether to go in or not . I decide to enter the house every step I took one of the floorboards would creek.

I hear floorboards creek but not from my footsteps I wonder is someone in here , had I just broke into someone's house. I was petrified of what was going to happen next. I had gone so far that I couldn't run back know I was to far away to backdown know. So I hid inside one of the rooms. 
I was so intrigued about my surroundings and how old the things were, there was a bed with an ancient hand made doll on top holding a box with a lock.

I am suddenly so interested about what is inside. I start venture for the key in the dark with only a glimpse of light from the windows to see.

Here me and Shantay have done a story swap. A story swap is when you and your partner write one sentence each and carry on until it turns into a story. Me and Shantay had a lot of fun doing the story swap . We both found out what we needed to work on when writing a story. I found out what Shantay needed to work and Shantay worked out what I needed to work on next time we write a story.


  1. Great to see so many powerful words girls! I like the fact that you have said you were able to help each other work out what you still need to work on.

  2. Hi Zeba
    I like your story swap with Shantay and it sounds very interesting.