Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Basketball - Kiwisport

For kiwi-sport this term we have basketball.We all really enjoy the activities we do in basketball. Our coaches names we coach mark and coach Milly. one of the things they taught us how to do was pivot. Pivot is when you about to shoot the ball into the hoop or pass, to pivot you can only move one leg to turn but cant move the other unless your not throwing the ball. Another skill we learn was to dribble , when you dribble you need to always be focusing on whats happening infront of you instead of focusing on the ball and to make sure you are dribbling the ball infront of you. To warm up we cupped the ball with our hands so the ball went under and through our legs to the hall and back,this was pretty difficult for me to do. At the end of our game we did relays and we all had a lot of fun at basketball. At the end of our lesson coach mark said if we really were into basketball we would need to practice everyday instead of once a week.

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