Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Today we read a book called Previously, written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingham.  It was about fairy tale characters and what they had previously been doing (previously means before).  Then we used our imagination to write about what we had previously been doing….

Previously by zeba

Previously I was in my limo going to school.

Previously I was reading a book that took me to a land of fairies.

Previously I  woke up in a magical castle and saw I had burnt toast by my bed and I had pet dragon by my bed thats why I had burnt toast and i had another creature walking towards me it was a snaggle rollop

Previously I was in a jungle class and the teacher was a monkey.

Previously I was on  BFG’s hand walking me to school and kept crushing cars and mailboxes.

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  1. HI Zeba,

    I think that your previously blog post has gone really well. I think that you should never give up of doing your work.

    My Interesting thing how you was going to school by limo.

    Keep up the great work.