Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Should homework be compulsary: By Zeba

Should homework be compulsory
Yes because it can help the students move up levels with their studies.
It can help you in tests and sometimes in difficult situations.
It helps student gain more knowledge in
- Maths
- Reading
- Topic.
Perform more better with AsTTle testing.
you could do better with your learning and you could get a really good report.
You can get smarter and get good jobs when grow up and have a good life.

Your parents could of past away and you could not feel comfortable with your caregiver helping you.
It could be too hard and students may not want to do it.
Your parents may not be able
read or write if they've come from another country and they do not know English.   
They may not have internet.
Parents might be busy with work and their child might end up on the wrong thing.

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