Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My argument on should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School

Should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School?
I think we should wear a school uniform these are my reasons.

I think we should wear a school uniform because if you wear your home clothes and if someone likes your shoes or shirt they could go home saying I want this and it could end up annoying their parents if they don’t have money. Mufti clothes can also create a lot of competition and peer pressure amongst students.

Miss Paton told our class a story about  a girl that was riding her bike until she crashed into a truck and a bus.
She was easily recognized by her uniform and they knew what school she was from. If you don’t wear a   school uniform it would be very hard for police and witnesses to recognize you.  

Another reason  you should wear a school uniform is because if you're in races , athletics , netball and other sports
events outside of school, you are easily recognised. If you get lost then people can help you find your school and group.

If you are playing a sport game and you have forgotten to bring your home clothes and you still play with your uniform  they wouldn't get ripped so easily like home clothes .

If you wear an accessory and you leave it at school your parents might get upset or angry at you and you could end up feeling bad about taking it to school.

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