Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pre-fix Sub

Sub Paragraph

The man took the subway to his subcellar. On his way he stopped to check out a submarine submerging down to the subterranean, subzero water. When he received a call that he could study about the substratum under the earth's soil. Than he received mail from the subordinate staff, he suddenly felt his heart subvert as he read the daily subtitle.

This is word wall and a paragraph made up of the pre-fix sub. I collaborated with Latham, Mere and Ana, we each had different jobs so we could finish on time with good quality work. We used dictionary and online sites to help us find the pre-fix sub words and every time we added in a word we read the definition out loud so all of the group could understand the words. For the sub paragraph Ana and Mere were out by giving us pre-fix sub words that could fit into the story witch Me and Latham were writing.

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  1. Kia Ora Zeba,
    I really liked this activity, it was super fun. I really like your explaining of what you've done.