Monday, 14 September 2015


As most of you know my name is Zeba and I am here to talk about cyberbullying. Before I go any further, I’d like to tell you about my friend who was a victim of cyberbullying . She had created a Facebook page and was just getting used to social media but she didn't know the dangers that came with it. One day someone had created a fake Facebook account and started to spread rumours , the next day she went to school some of her friends  started to treat her like a nobody  and started to make fun of her. As time went on the bullying became worse and everyday for her was a nightmare, to the point where she even had to transfer schools. She sadly left behind true friends because of fake rumours. As you can see the consequences of cyberbullying are much larger than name calling.If someone is bullying you don’t blame yourself. To protect yourself from being cyber bullied identify who you are talking to and it's better to go with friends who you can rely on. When someone is sending you mean messages it's better not to do the same.

In other words don't add fuel to the fire! Come on people take a stand towards this behaviour! If someone you know is being cyberbullied take action. No one deserves to be bullied. Tell them to stop, save the evidence and reach out for help.
  And finally don't share any private information about yourself or anyone else because that's called gossip and trust me when I say this, things can backfire! If the situation gets worse you must talk to your parents before it gets out of hand.
Now that you know the
consequences that come with cyberbullying make sure you don't turn into a bully yourself. You will lose true friends. You will break hearts. You can help Panmure Bridge be cyberbully safe by following my advice!

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