Thursday, 17 September 2015

Run Jump Throw

This week at Run jump throw our focus was on how to throw a Shot put and Discus. It was unbelievable at how much we can learn from our  mentor Andy. She taught us some valuable and unforgettable sport skills that will help us at the Athletics competition next term.

 While we were learning these skills we also found it easy because they were in chants. Here are one of the chants that we picked up for shot put at run Jump Throw this week : Chin - knee - toe all in a row elbows high low to high watch it fly. The chant that we learnt for discus was : Swing up - clap - bring down back - chin - knee - toe low to high watch it fly fling it fast.

Next time I need to work on holding on to my shot put correctly and putting in more capacity so it can fly further next time

Overall everyone at room 5 had an extreme amount of fun at Run Jump Throw . 

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  1. Run Jump Throw this week sounded like a lot of fun. It is very useful to remember things in chants because you will remember them for much longer.