Thursday, 20 August 2015

Persuasive Argument - Breakfast in schools

Have you experienced the starvation thousands of kids go through?
Kids leave home without breakfast and experience this everyday, which tells us that this is a great idea that NZ government should provide breakfast at school for all the kids who don't have an opportunity to eat breakfast in the morning.
So, think about the kids who have just come from the refugee camp and parents who are looking for jobs but won’t be able to provide breakfast for their kids once a day. It will be very hard for the kids to focus on their education which can affect their future and appearance. Without breakfast some kids will become sick. Eating a good breakfast will help lead children to higher academic performance and enjoy school more.
We also found out that 15% of kids leave home without breakfast in the morning. We believe that kids in New Zealand should be provided with breakfast in schools so students can function the right way and focus on their learning besides hunger. Which tells us there are 15% of kids leave home without breakfast, so we have to stop it until it reached 100%. We feel heartbroken that kids around the world are not able to eat breakfast in the morning, which tells us that when the government is giving a wonderful opportunity for the kids to have breakfast,you will know how  helpful it will be for all the kids in NZ. We founded it out that in NZ some kids are , dysfunctional, ailing and indisposed without breakfast. They also not able to go to school and do their work. . So giving a opportunity like this it will make the kids well and will make them to put lots of focus in their learning. If we were in that condition we wouldn't be where we are  know with our education.In conclusion, we think this is the best idea for the government to provide breakfast in schools, because we don't want students sitting in classroom with an empty stomach and not able to focus in their learning

Here is my persuasive argument on Breakfast in schools.I created this speech collaboratively with my friend Saruja. While we were creating this persuasive argument we booth found out some amazing facts. This task was also increased our knowledge about kids who are different than us.

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