Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dear Term 4 me

Dear term 4 me By the time you read this note 2015 should nearly be done and you should have had fun this year because there is camp , film festival and production! This year I have set up 3 goals for you number 1 become at least one of the leaders you should have done this by having a positive attitude around people and always joining in on activities. Goal number 2 being above on 2 or 3 subjects this year you should have achieved this by listening to the teacher and learning all the things she teaches us and being professional at it by practicing it at home. Goal number 3 having a smile on my face every day of the year you can achieve the goal by going to sleep early and not being sleepy in the morning not having enemies and not taking in manipulates that people say about you.Goal number 4 I hope you have learnt lot sand reached stage seven by the end of the year . to do you need to practice your subjects such as decimals times tables and fraction. Have a happy and safe year (:good luck:) From term 1 Zeba

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